Verdesian Life Sciences Looks Forward to Collaboration

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Verdesian Life Sciences Looking Forward to Collaboration

By Paul Schrimpf, Director of Marketing and Communications

AgGateway is pleased to welcome Verdesian Life Sciences as a new member.

Based in Cary, NC, and founded in 2012, Verdesian specializes in creating proprietary products that improve macro- and microfertilizer efficiency in targeted specialty, row crop, turf, and ornamental applications.

“As an R&D company, we’re committed to developing environmentally sustainable products that focus on solving problems that growers currently face,” says TJ Ashachik, Director of Sales Operations at Verdesian. “From patented biologicals and nutrients to inoculants, we want to bring products that improve nutrient efficiency while improving crop production.

“Through our offerings, we want to allow farmers to provide nutrients to plants whenever they are needed, whether that’s mostly early in the season or throughout the growth cycle.”

With products that are well established over the last decade and a stable base of farmer adoption, Ashachik says that the time has come for Verdesian to engage with organizations like AgGateway that are enabling the collaboration of progressive, like-minded industry leaders.

“We are at the stage now where we want to be a part of this community of companies,” he says. “We are looking to collaborate with organizations that share the same kind of values and outlook on the industry. We want to find better ways to use all the data being collected across the industry that that we or others collecting, and be able to help build standards that drive better business decisions on the farm field.”