2019 September Newsletter

September 2019   Volume 13  Number 8

Annual Conference

Registration Opening Soon for AgGateway’s Annual Conference

It’s almost time to register for AgGateway’s Annual Conference, coming November 4-6 to the Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans! The conference draws hundreds of business and IT professionals to discuss ongoing initiatives to help companies better manage and use agricultural information. Early registrants receive a significant registration discount.

The program is especially geared to ag retailers, distributors, manufacturers of ag inputs (e.g., seed, crop nutrition, crop protection) and specialty chemical products, and software and data service providers, as well as professionals in precision ag, academia, agricultural organizations, students and ag media. Read more >


Use the New Implementation Note Format to Encourage Use of AgGateway Resources

Here’s a new way to spread the word about an AgGateway resource: the Implementation Note! The Precision Ag Council communications team created a 2-page Implementation Note template so AgGateway groups can easily share details and next steps on how to implement specific AgGateway resources. Learn more >

AgGateway 2020

How We Work in 2020

Have you reviewed the news on how AgGateway groups will work in 2020? If not, check out the article in the August newsletter. Or, have a look at this topline summary:

Beginning in 2020, one of AgGateway’s goals is to speed up the process of creating and implementing new digital resources, which will promote and enable the transition to digital agriculture. AgGateway’s digital resource development process will be managed through two coordinating oversight groups that are part of the AgGateway 2020 structure: The Portfolio Management Center (PMC) and the Digital Resource Center (DRC). Read more >

Good Data

Is your Company “Sinking” or “Synching”?

I have a teenager in my home and am starting to realize the importance of a family calendar. My little girl, who once had an occasional play date or a trip to Grandma’s on her calendar, now has a schedule that has exploded into a complex matrix of “can’t miss” activities. The challenge is how to keep track of all the activities and logistically get her to and from camps, practices, volunteer opportunities, weightlifting and now work! At first, it seemed our family was on a sinking ship, but in our modern-day era of cell phones and calendar apps, the ability for us all to stay on the same page is doable. Believe it or not, most nights we all have dinner together as a family because our schedules are synchronized, and everything is smooth sailing. Read more>

Spreading the Word

AgGateway Plans for Upcoming Conference/Expos

AgGateway will be participating in several industry conferences and expositions in the coming months to continue spreading the word about implementing standards to advance the transition to digital agriculture. These meetings include:

  • AGRITECHNICA 2019, Nov. 10-16, Hanover, Germany
  • 2019 Agricultural Retailers Association (ARA) Conference & Expo, Dec. 3-5, Sheraton Hotel in New Orleans
  • American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) CSS & Seed Expo, Dec. 9-12, Hyatt Regency Chicago
  • Canadian Association of Agri-Retailers (CAAR) 2020 Conference, TCU Place, Feb. 11–13, Saskatoon, Sask., Canada

AgGateway was also recently an exhibitor and participated in many fruitful discussions during this year’s InfoAg Conference and Expo in St. Louis in July.

Have thoughts on other events AgGateway should participate in? Let us know by contacting Member Services at Member.Services@AgGateway.org.

Call for Nominations

Ron Storms Leadership Award

Is there a veteran AgGateway leader whose work you've really admired at AgGateway? It may be someone on the Strategic or Operations Board, or within your council, committee or project team that you think goes above and beyond the call of duty, and really keeps things moving. Finally, is this someone who has been involved with AgGateway for at least two years as a member volunteer (not staff), and has he or she demonstrated their leadership in more than one place, on more than one activity?

If so, help us recognize that exemplary leadership and nominate them now for the AgGateway Ron Storms Leadership Award. Nominations are due September 20. Details are available here. It's not hard to make a nomination and requires just a few minutes of your time. 

AgGateway in the News

AgGateway News

We were happy to see that the Canadian Association of Agri-Retailers (CAAR), which joined AgGateway this year, featured AgGateway in its latest newsletter.

According to CAAR Executive Director Mitch Rezansoff, CAAR members can future-proof their own operations by looking for opportunities to connect some of their own activities to AgGateway solutions. In addition to saving valuable time and resources, he says retailers can avoid costly missteps, such as getting locked into purchasing systems with limited compatibility, by insisting on systems developed using AgGateway standards.

“When companies come to retailers with proposals for data management systems, one of the first questions they need to ask is, ‘Are you following AgGateway principles and are you compatible with AgGateway tools?’” he says. “If they are, then, ‘OK, let’s talk.’ If they’re not, ‘Well, come back to me when you are.’”

Thanks for the coverage CAAR, and welcome again to AgGateway!