2019 January February Newsletter

January/February 2019   Volume 13  Number 1

AgGateway 2020

Working Toward Leadership in Digital Agriculture

By Tim McArdle, Brandt Consolidated, Chair of the Strategic Board

The Strategic Board and staff have started to give some shape and detail to how AgGateway might evolve to better pursue our mission come next January. The goals, as I see them, are for us to:

  • Create a more nimble organization
  • Focus on priorities important to the members
  • Break down internal silos
  • Facilitate better utilization of time and resources
  • Position AgGateway for growth
  • Position AgGateway as the leader in enabling the transition to digital agriculture technologies.

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AgGateway Leadership

AgGateway Announces 2019 Leadership

Recent AgGateway press release

AgGateway has announced its 2019 leadership, including the directors of its Strategic Board and Operational Management Board, and leaders of its councils and committees. The non-profit organization fosters collaboration among its 200 member companies, and with global standards organizations and industry partners, to improve how agricultural information can be used to maximize efficiency and productivity. Read more >

Seed Connectivity

Invitation to Join Seed Processes and Messaging Meeting

By Marilyn Hunter, AgGateway Director of Member Relations

AgGateway invites you to participate in a meeting on additional seed processes and messaging, to be held Tuesday-Thursday, February 26-28, at the Land O’ Lakes headquarters in Arden Hills, Minn.

Members of AgGateway’s Seed Council are interested in creating messages to help alleviate some pain points that they have identified. At this meeting, we’ll walk through the processes and determine what messages might need to be developed for these processes. WinField United has kindly agreed to host the meeting. 
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Precision Ag

AgGateway’s ADAPT and ISOXML Plugin Receives 2019 AE50 Award

Recent AgGateway press release

The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) has named AgGateway’s ADAPT and ISOXML Plugin the winner of a 2019 AE50 award. AE50 awards honor the year’s most innovative designs in engineering products or systems for the food and agriculture industries.

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New Board Member

Welcome Board Member Marcy Morris

By AgGateway Communications Director Susan Ruland

AgGateway welcomes Marcy Morris to the Strategic Board of Directors. Morris is an IT Director at CHS Inc., a leading global agribusiness diversified in energy, grains and foods, owned by farmers, ranchers and cooperatives across the United States. She joined CHS in 1999 and is accountable for all global and domestic agribusiness operations. Her organization supports about two-thirds of the 12,000 employees employed globally by CHS. Read more >

Welcome New Member

Kuhn North America Foresees Active Participation within AgGateway

By Evin Ellis, AGDATA

Kuhn North America, Inc., of Brodhead, Wisconsin, offers a broad range of hay and forage, livestock, and crop production tools, as well as landscape and road equipment. The brands KUHN, KUHN Knight and KUHN Krause products are sold by farm equipment dealers throughout the United States, Canada and many other countries. Kuhn markets more than 17,000 machines a year through an exclusive dealer network in North America. More than 1,300 dealers provide customers with service and support. Read more >

Soil Testing

New Soil Testing Standardization Working Group

By Corina Ardelean, AGCO Corporation

We are happy to announce the inception of the AgGateway Soil Testing Standardization Working Group, operating within the Standards & Guidelines Committee. During previous AgGateway meetings, several members identified the need to standardize the nomenclature and data format for soil test results. It was also recognized that the scope of the group might extend beyond soil testing, to include plant tissue analysis, water analysis and other agricultural laboratory data layers. Read more >

Benefits of eConnectivity

Simplot Reaps Significant Savings by Moving to Direct Connections

By Tammy Creswell, EDI Delivery Manager, J.R. Simplot Company

J.R. Simplot has gained significant savings since moving its eBusiness reporting of sales and inventory from the older eBusiness technology of using Value Added Networks (VANs), to connecting directly with its manufacturing partners – or through the partner’s third-party vendor, using AgGateway standards. Read more >

Member Services

Membership Has its Benefits

By Chris Crutchfield, AgGateway Member Services

AgGateway Member Services fields all kinds of questions from prospective members. The one that comes up most often is, “By becoming a member of AgGateway, what is the value and benefit for my organization?” This is an important question and one that deserves a thorough answer, not only for prospective members, but also for our current members that want to get more out of their AgGateway membership. So let me highlight some of the value and benefits that an AgGateway membership brings. 
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AgGateway in the News

In the News

Improving Ag In-Field Communications: What The Future Holds, February 4, 2019 – Also, in an interesting collaboration between AEF, the Car2Car Consortium, the European Telecommunication Standards Institute (ETSI), AgGateway and ISO, a successful field test was conducted between a car and tractor to demonstrate the ability of different types of equipment communicating using the IEEE 802.11p standard. The car and tractor shown below were used to prototype this protocol to communicate important safety messages while both were traveling on a highway.

AE50 Awards Recognize Ag Machinery Innovations, January 31, 2019 – For 32 years, members of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) have recognized and honored the most innovative advancements in engineering in the areas of agriculture, food and biological systems with the AE50 Award. The products selected save producers time and reduce cost and labor, all while improving user safety…AgGateway’s Agricultural Data Application Programing Toolkit (ADAPT) is a set of open-source software libraries that implement a common data model for farming operations, coupled with a system of plugin libraries (including the ISO 11783-compatible “ISOXML plugin”) that convert between the common object model and various formats of interest.

AgWired, Precision Ag Bytes, Dec. 19, 2018 – The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers has named AgGateway‘s ADAPT and ISOXML Plugin the winner of a 2019 AE50 award. AE50 awards honor the year’s most innovative designs in engineering products or systems for the food and agriculture industries.