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Kuhn North America Foresees Active Participation within AgGateway

By Evin Ellis, AGDATA

Kuhn North America, Inc., of Brodhead, Wisconsin, offers a broad range of hay and forage, livestock, and crop production tools, as well as landscape and road equipment. The brands KUHN, KUHN Knight and KUHN Krause products are sold by farm equipment dealers throughout the United States, Canada and many other countries. Kuhn markets more than 17,000 machines a year through an exclusive dealer network in North America. More than 1,300 dealers provide customers with service and support.

As the world of agriculture continues to evolve, Kuhn invests in research and development to provide machines that best meet farmers’ changing needs.

Kuhn joined AgGateway for several reasons, according to Ben Craker – who recently joined Kuhn but has served several years as an AgGateway volunteer leader. Craker says Kuhn seeks “to ensure compatibility of precision ag technologies, data and interoperability of our products within the industry, both for crop and livestock producers.”

As the ag industry continues to digitize, Kuhn wants to ensure we not only understand emerging trends but also have a voice in setting the direction the market is headed as factors like connectivity, data analysis, and automation further influence farm operations,” Craker said.

Kuhn will be participating closely on the Precision Ag Council, Craker said, “to make sure our products seamlessly integrate into the data interoperability requirements for our customers.”

Kuhn will also participate in the Feed & Grain Council. “We manufacture TMR mixers used on many dairy and beef operations,” Craker said. “We want to make sure we understand and have a voice when it comes to what data is required and generated during feed mixing operations in the rations for animals, especially as consumer demand pushes the need for greater traceability into the supply chain.”

Craker said Kuhn also plans to be active in the Traceability Working Group, the Precision Ag Council’s Insurance & Regulatory Working Group, and the Communications Committee, to “help get the message out about AgGateway efforts – especially when Kuhn has been involved – and to mutually promote relevant topics through Kuhn channels, as well, to drive industry awareness and adoption of Kuhn-supported AgGateway efforts,” Craker said.