AgGateway 2020

Working Toward Leadership in Digital Agriculture

By Tim McArdle, Brandt Consolidated, Chair of the Strategic Board

The Strategic Board and staff have started to give some shape and detail to how AgGateway might evolve to better pursue our mission come next January. The goals, as I see them, are for us to:

  • Create a more nimble organization
  • Focus on priorities important to the members
  • Break down internal silos
  • Facilitate better utilization of time and resources
  • Position AgGateway for growth
  • Position AgGateway as the leader in enabling the transition to digital agriculture technologies.

We will have a specific plan within the next few weeks, including thoughts on what needs to happen in 2019 to facilitate a smooth transition. Our next step will be to run the plan by AgGateway’s current leadership – including the Operational Management Board, and Council and Committee chairs and vice-chairs. We plan to do this through a webinar at the end of March, as well as in a face-to-face meeting in mid-April – details to follow. In the meantime, all AgGateway members are welcome to share thoughts and ideas on AgGateway 2020 on AgGateway 2020 wiki page.

I look forward to talking much more about AgGateway 2020 with you in the weeks and months ahead!