2019 November Newsletter

November 2019   Volume 13  Number 10

  • Join Us Monday in New Orleans! It’s not too late – register here.
  • Review the Job Description for AgGateway Director of Member Relations

Annual Conference

Join Us Next Week in New Orleans!

Are you registered for Annual Conference in New Orleans? If not, there’s still time! Join us next week (Nov. 4-6) at the Hotel Monteleone in the French Quarter. You can register here. To reserve your hotel room, call (+1) 800-535-9595, and say you're with the AgGateway Conference. Read more >

AgGateway 2020

Going Global

It’s official! The boards of AgGateway and the AgGateway Global Network have both approved the consolidation of the two organizations. Starting January 1, 2020, AgGateway will be a global organization. The current regions will be North America, Europe and Latin America. Meanwhile, strong interest is brewing in New Zealand/Australia and Japan for future regional groups. Read more >

Global Perspectives

Think Globally

Several years ago the AgGateway (North America) Board of Directors directed Rod Conner and me to establish AgGateway Global Network for the purpose of promoting the consistent application of standards globally while supporting region-specific requirements. We learned a lot in the years since. One thing we learned was that our assumptions about complete regional autonomy were not valid. Consequently, in the interest of more effectively using AgGateway resources and leveraging a strong brand globally, AgGateway and AgGateway Global Network will consolidate effective 1 January 2020 as simply “AgGateway”. Read more >

Welcome New Member


BlockApps is a leading platform for agricultural innovation leveraging Blockchain technology. BlockApps has already spurred innovation in the agricultural industry through live, in-production product traceability applications and looks forward to helping stakeholders innovate other processes including:

  • Crop insurance
  • Post-harvest inventory management
  • Food safety, transparency and trust
  • Price volatility protection
  • Land registration and transfer
  • Precision agriculture
    Read more >

Job Description

AgGateway Seeks Director of Member Relations

AgGateway is seeking a Portfolio Manager. The job description follows:

AgGateway is seeking a Director of Member Relations; see the job description below. Marilyn Hunter, who is currently in the position, is scaling back her industry involvement but we’re pleased that she is aiding us in the transition. Read more >

Member Services

Why “The Big Easy”?

As I look forward to the AgGateway Annual Conference next week in New Orleans, I wonder, why is the city called “The Big Easy”? According to one source, Bigseventravel.com, the term was coined in the 1960s by gossip columnist Betty Guillaud, comparing the fast-paced lifestyle of New York – the “Big Apple” – to the laid back, slower pace of New Orleans. Read more >