October 2019   Volume 13  Number 9

Annual Conference

Register Now – Early Bird Rates End Oct. 15!

Register now for AgGateway's Annual Conference, November 4-6 at the Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans. Early bird registration rates and discounts for the hotel end October 15, so act now! Read more >

AgGateway 2020

Transitioning to 2020

The transition to AgGateway 2020 is in full swing! AgGateway leadership and staff are working on the changes that are designed to bring more value to members by speeding up the process of creating and implementing digital resources. At the Annual Conference in New Orleans, you’ll be able to hear about the new Portfolio Management Center and Digital Resource Center in more detail, as well as other exciting changes in store for the organization. Read more >

Helpful Materials

Friends Not Foes Flyer

In addition to the new Implementation Note template (see article), AgGateway has recently published two new flyers of interest. The first is entitled “ADAPT & ISO 11783: Friends not Foes” and is designed to debunk the misperception that ADAPT and ISO 11783 are competing ideas. In reality, the two complement each other. Users are encouraged to get the full value of the industry’s advances in field operations and data exchange by using ADAPT and ISO 11783 to their fullest. The flyer can be found here. Read more >


Teams Can Now Use “Implementation Notes” to Encourage Adoption of AgGateway Resources

AgGateway has a new way to spread the word about AgGateway digital resources: the Implementation Note! This is an easy to review, 2-page fact sheet that can be shared to guide a reader through a process, to encourage companies to implement a particular resource. The Precision Ag Council communications team - part of the Communications Committee – created the Implementation Note template so that AgGateway groups can easily share details and next steps on how to implement specific AgGateway resources. Read more >

Job Description

AgGateway Seeks Portfolio Manager

AgGateway is seeking a Portfolio Manager. The job description follows:

Job Summary: AgGateway is a non-profit trade association leading the industry's transition to digital agriculture. We do this through development and implementation of digital resources produced by member volunteers working collaboratively in Working Groups. In order to effectively and efficiently facilitate, manage and communicate the successes of these working groups, AgGateway is implementing a portfolio management process to be led by the AgGateway Portfolio Manager. The Portfolio Manager is a contracted role. The Portfolio Manager will work closely with other AgGateway staff including the Chief Technology Officer, the Marketing and Communications Director, Executive Vice President/COO and the President/CEO. Read more >

AGIIS Update

Don’t Procrastinate! Start Using Extracts Today to Synchronize with AGIIS

I met my wife in college while attending the University of Kansas. We shared the same major and were in some of the same study groups. Both of us were procrastinators and therefore, most of our studying was done the night before a big exam. I would often pull an all-nighter, but she, after a few hours of studying, would pack it up and get a good night’s sleep. To this day – 25 years later, she still likes to remind me how she put in less time than me, but often seemed to get the better grade. I think we can all agree that “cramming” is not the best way to get desirable results. To get good results, it is best to put in the effort ahead of time, and to avoid the last-minute scramble. Read more >

AgGateway in the News

AgGateway News

Coverage of the AEF Plugfest featuring AgGateway’s Jim Wilson, and lots of helpful coverage encouraging folks to attend the Annual Conference next month.

Manufacturers Address Ag Electronics Challenges at Record-Setting AEF Plugfest

Association of Equipment Manufacturers, Sept. 30, 2019 - A record-setting 161 electronics developers took part in this month's Ag Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF) Fall Plugfest event. AgGateway Global Network CEO Jim Wilson provided an overview of AgGateway, along with some of its priorities and projects.

AgGateway's Annual Conference to Highlight Digital Ag Transition,

Precision Farming Dealer, Sept. 18, 2019 - Registration is now open for AgGateway's Annual Conference, November 4-6 at the Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans. This year's conference features educational and interactive sessions designed to stimulate and energize companies in the transition to digital agriculture, including a special track presented by the Purdue University Open Ag Technology and Systems Center (OATS) with three sessions, "Data Analytics: Wrangling and Visualization", "Blockchain Demo"; and "Architectures for Solving Ag's Networking Problems".

Precision Ag Bytes

AgWired, Sept. 25, 2019 - Registration is now open for AgGateway‘s Annual Conference, November 4-6 at the Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans. More information is available on AgGateway’s 2019 Annual Conference webpage, found under “Events” at www.AgGateway.org.

AgGateway Announces Its Annual Conference

Agri-Marketing, Sept. 19, 2019 - AgGateway's annual conference draws leading business and IT professionals to discuss ongoing initiatives to help companies better manage and use agricultural information. Early registrants receive a significant registration discount. The conference also features a welcome luncheon for first-time attendees and multiple networking breaks and receptions.