2022 September Newsletter

2022 September Volume 16  Number 8

Event News

2022 Annual Conference to Deliver Learning and Networking, Mark Significant Organizational Progress

The AgGateway Annual Conference is just eight weeks away, and staff and member volunteers are churning through Meetups, Working Groups, and committee discussions to ensure that our in-person time is productive and valuable.

“I am tremendously excited about the effort put forth by volunteers and staff this year,” says Jeremy Wilson, AgGateway COO and North American Director. “It has set us up perfectly for the Annual Conference, where we’ll discuss progress on making ADAPT a standard, and continue moving forward with the work on field boundaries, crop production efforts on GTINs, and in-field product ID beyond seed, which only scratch the surface of projects we have in the hopper.” Read more >

From The President

A Time to Recognize Excellence

By Brent Kemp, AgGateway President and CEO

On a Saturday morning in late November 1990, I was interviewing with Virginia Senator Charles Robb’s Service Academy Selection Board. I clearly remember one of the board members asking me, “what is your greatest asset?” I also remember my answer, stated clearly and quickly: “The team of people I work with.” Over thirty years later – just this morning in fact – it occurred to me they were probably looking for a personal assessment of my own strengths. I stand by my answer though. Read more >

Portfolio Update

Celebrating Big Progress in Portfolio

By Ben Craker, Portfolio Manager

August has been a very busy month for the portfolio management center. Several new Working Groups are being organized with initial Meetups being scheduled, charters drafted and a lot of activity and interest across the value chain. We have also provided overviews of the status of all Working Groups to both new and current AgGateway members to help make sure everyone is plugged in to the right projects. Read more >

AGIIS Insider

DOC FAQ: Inside the AGIIS Directory Oversight Committee

By Chris Crutchfield, Member Services Program Director

What’s Up, DOC?

No, Not Bugs Bunny and Looney Toons. The other DOC. AgGateway’s AGIIS DOC, or Directory Oversight Committee. What’s up with this DOC? In this article, I will provide you an update on the DOC, who is representing, the roles of DOC, and what the DOC is up to today.

First some background. AgGateway’s Ag Industry Identification System (AGIIS) houses agricultural eBusiness reference data for industry subscribers. AGIIS contains about 5.5 million ag related entities and 233,000 agricultural products, providing industry subscribers with a repository containing industry common data elements and unique identifiers that serve as fundamental building blocks for efficient electronic interactions between companies. Read more >

Working Group Alert

Crop Protection Product WG Set To Launch

Responding to strong industry support and positive initial discussions among key stakeholders, AgGateway is pleased to announce the startup of a new Working Group, Crop Protection Product Guidelines (WG16). You must be a member of AgGateway to participate, and all interested members are welcome to volunteer and participate in the process. Read more >

LATAM Report

On The Road in Brazil

By Jose Loyola, Latin America Director

August was a busy month for AgGateway Latin America, with travel and meetings at significant technology events in Brazil.

We participated in the Brazilian Congress of Precision Agriculture (ConBAP) in Campinas/SP August 9-11, and had conversations and meetings with several technology companies and members of AgGateway at our booth. I gave a presentation about AgGateway, and Ronaldo Oliveira (Embrapa Solos and leader of the Soil Laboratory Data Integration project) presented on the scope and status of Working Group 11, focused on producing a regionalized MODUS table and observation code list, to more than 600 participants of the Congress. Read more >

Gateway to Ag Careers Program

Nominations Due September 15

AgGateway, the agriculture industry’s global data interoperability solutions organization, is once again offering an opportunity for a limited number of students to attend its Annual Conference this fall at no cost. As a non-profit organization that highly values education for digital agriculture solutions, AgGateway will select several students nominated by professors and agricultural companies to be our guest at the event. Nominations are due by September 15. Read more >

As a young professional in the Ag Technology industry, it is very difficult to point yourself towards a company or role that will be both sustaining and rewarding due to the dynamic nature of our field. For me, the Gateway to Ag Careers program opened my eyes to the vast number of opportunities within Agriculture, and helped me identify my niche within the marketplace. Even years after this event, I have maintained contact with my mentor and other colleagues I met in the program. I would recommend GTAC to any young person looking to further their exposure and build lasting relationships.

Trey Colley, GTAC Class of 2017 Regional Manager, Ag Technologies | GreenPoint Ag