Portfolio Update

Celebrating Big Progress in Portfolio

By Ben Craker, Portfolio Manager

August has been a very busy month for the portfolio management center. Several new Working Groups are being organized with initial Meetups being scheduled, charters drafted and a lot of activity and interest across the value chain. We have also provided overviews of the status of all Working Groups to both new and current AgGateway members to help make sure everyone is plugged in to the right projects.

If you missed the quarterly Portfolio Management Center webinar on August 30, a recording of the session is available. We welcome your interest and involvement.

Key highlights:

WG01 has officially sunset! Standards and Guidelines approved ShippedItemInstance v2.0, and now the guideline is available for ag retailers, ERPs, equipment manufacturers, and FMIS companies to begin its implementation.

This effort was focused on seeding to get identifiers for the seed – including not only variety/hybrid but also lot, batch, and treatments – from the retailer to the farmer’s in-cab terminal. This is a fundamental building block for any traceability effort, and necessary to enable better data for farmers themselves to track performance of different inputs. This message helps to link identifiers to unambiguously identify what seed was used without having a huge list to choose from in the in-cab display or requiring the operator to manually enter detailed information in the field and later link data from several different systems.

However, the work is not done. The team is already working on a charter and seeking input and participation from additional interested parties to gap check the message against crop nutrition and crop protection use cases.

In the supply chain area, WG16 is also officially up and running. The group is developing implementation guidelines for crop protection products to ensure consistent use with data published in the AGIIS directory. Meanwhile, WG18 will be developing standardized messages related to crop nutrition products. This will cover use cases, messages, and process documentation for Receipt into, Purchase out of, and Third-Party Sales Order out of a Warehouse Partner Location in addition to Warehouse-to-Warehouse stock transfer.

WG17 Field Boundaries Use Cases and Definitions is starting to tackle the complexities of field boundaries, resulting from a final MeetUp held August 26. This first Working Group identified during the formation of the Field Boundary subcommittee will lay out the foundation for subsequent Working Groups. Its task is to document use cases and agree on terms and definitions relating to field boundaries. The team is in the process of organizing smaller meetings to document each use case prior to convening the larger working group.

A spinoff from the current ADAPT standardization effort is a group that is focused on the serialization of data from the ADAPT model. An initial meeting was held on August 26 confirm the scope, deliverables, timeline, and structure for managing the work.

As always, if you have any questions on a specific Working Group or Subcommittee feel free to contact Portfolio Manager Ben Craker. If you want to get involved, you can complete the form to join a Working Group. Additionally, if you have a pain point to share you can submit an idea for a new Working Group using this form.