DOC FAQ: Inside the AGIIS Directory Oversight Committee

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DOC FAQ: Inside the AGIIS Directory Oversight Committee

By Chris Crutchfield, Member Services Program Director

What’s Up, DOC?

No, Not Bugs Bunny and Looney Toons. The other DOC. AgGateway’s AGIIS DOC, or Directory Oversight Committee. What’s up with this DOC? In this article, I will provide you an update on the DOC, who is representing, the roles of DOC, and what the DOC is up to today.

First some background. AgGateway’s Ag Industry Identification System (AGIIS) houses agricultural eBusiness reference data for industry subscribers. AGIIS contains about 5.5 million ag related entities and 233,000 agricultural products, providing industry subscribers with a repository containing industry common data elements and unique identifiers that serve as fundamental building blocks for efficient electronic interactions between companies.

As you can imagine, maintaining this industry-valued resource requires some governance. Business rules must be established and enforced to ensure that only quality, useable data is allowed in the Directory. The DOC oversees these rules. Annual maintenance must be performed to apply address and LACS updates from the United States Postal Service, and to identify potential duplicate entities, keeping one surviving entity. The DOC ensures that these activities are performed and communicated to the subscriber community. AGIIS enhancements, whether it is an idea from a subscriber to improve navigation, or functionality being added to accommodate a new piece of legislation, are all reviewed and voted on by the DOC before work begins.

The DOC is comprised of at least 8, but no more than 15 AgGateway members that are also full subscribers to AGIIS. It is made up of member volunteers from each industry segment including Seed, Grain and Feed, Crop Protection, Crop Nutrition, Precision Ag, Ag Retail, Allied Providers, and Specialty Chemical. The DOC feels it is important to have representation from all industry segments, so when decisions around AGIIS are made, all industry segments have a voice and a vote. The DOC meets via teleconference at least once a month. Although rare, the group may meet a second time each month if business needs warrant it.

Below are the current members representing the DOC. As you can see, there is an open position for representation within the Specialty Chemical industry segment. If you fit the qualifications (AgGateway Member and Full AGIIS subscriber) and would like to participate on the DOC, please contact Member Services. Please also know that if you are an AGIIS subscriber and would like an AGIIS point of contact to learn more about AGIIS, ask questions or seek direction, please feel free to reach out to any of these individuals.

Darlene Gibson Crop Protection BASF Chair 2022
Marilyn Ostendorf Crop Protection Corteva Member 2023
Kay Campe Crop Protection Rosen’s Inc. Member 2023
Matt Garcia Seed Syngenta Vice Chair 2023
Beth Graham Allied Provider AgData Member 2024
Jeff Malatesta Crop Nutrition UPL Member 2024
Michael Lavazza Precision Ag Growmark Member 2024
Phil Kubesh Grain & Feed Vita Plus Member 2024
Aaron Peterson Seed Land O’Lakes Member 2025
OPEN POSITION Specialty Chem
Jim Wilson AgGateway CTO NA
Josh Wall DXC – AgGateway AGIIS Product Mgr NA

So, what is the DOC up to now? Most recently, the DOC approved an AGIIS enhancement around the re-use, or reassignment of an inactive Global Location Number (GLN). A recent policy change required that AGIIS no longer re-use GLN’s. The enhancement takes away user functionality to exempt a GLN from reuse, removed exemption flags from various pages in AGIIS and required several updates to documents and year-end procedures.

The DOC is also now considering an enhancement that will require two-factor authentication prior to signing into the AGIIS Directory. On the horizon, the DOC will be involved in talks with the Crop Protection industry segment as they look to utilize the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), a unique identifier assigned to the lowest saleable unit of a product in AGIIS.

The Directory Oversight Committee plays a significant role in ensuring the directory fits the needs of all industry segments today, and into future. If you are an AGIIS full subscriber and would like to represent your organization and your industry, consider participating on this committee. If you have an interest and would like to know more, contact Member Services at

That’s all, folks!