Member Services

My New Year’s Resolution – MyAgGateway!

By Chris Crutchfield, AgGateway Member Services

I recently read an internet article that said that by the third Monday in January, most of us have already failed with our New Year’s resolutions. Unfortunately, I can relate. My goal to stay out of the refrigerator past 8:00 PM each night didn’t last more than a few nights. On the bright side, I’ve gotten some help with my resolution to be better organized in my professional life, with a new AgGateway resource: MyAgGateway.

Last year, AgGateway rolled out MyAgGateway, a new member management system. This resource, available to AgGateway members and AgGateway staff, will certainly help all of us become better organized when it comes to managing our AgGateway relationships and available resources. From a Member Services prospective, we can now integrate other AgGateway resources like AGIIS, Smartsheets, and Office 365, and automate processes that were once manual.

Members are able to manage their AgGateway experience through several easy-to-use tools built into MyAgGateway. For example, company primary contacts can easily see who in their organization is involved in AgGateway and where, allowing resources to be allocated as needed. Relationships can be added or altered on behalf of their organization. Invoices can be paid online, sponsorships can be managed, and much more. Everyone can manage their own profile, set their communication preferences, and view the organization directory, allowing members and staff more personal control of the AgGateway experience.

If you belong to an AgGateway organization, I encourage you to explore MyAgGateway at Company primary contacts should use the “My Organization” button to manage your AgGateway volunteers. By actively maintaining your organization and/or personal profile, Member Services will be better able to manage communications, offering you and your employees more relevant and targeted information. One of goals in 2022 is to deliver more targeted communications to everyone, reducing unwanted emails from your busy inbox.

It is my hope that MyAgGateway will help you better manage your relationship with AgGateway – it has certainly helped the Member Services team support you, our members. If you have any questions about this resource and what it can offer you, please contact Member Services at, or call us at +1 (866) 251-8618.