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Tackling Traceability is Front of Mind as MyAgData Returns to AgGateway

By Paul Schrimpf, Director of Marketing and Communications

AgGateway welcomes the return of MyAgData to the member ranks. Launched as a company in 2012, MyAgData's Field Portal application collects, translates, organizes, and delivers field data for crop insurance, farm programs, private insurance products, carbon capture, crop traceability and food safety. MyAgData is also the first and only commercial provider of digital acreage reports, which was designed to help farmers avoid the pain point of time-consuming, manual compilation and delivery of FSA field documentation.

MyAgData’s previous stint as an AgGateway member was a fruitful experience, and the company uses the ADAPT plugin for elements of its precision ag data collection system.

“We have been following the new initiatives that AgGateway has formed, especially around traceability, and wanted to re-join AgGateway to collaborate and innovate,” says German Mendoza, Sales and Client Success Director for MyAgData. “For the past 18 months we’ve been looking at opportunities to expand the capabilities of our software, and the traceability and carbon spaces that require the capture of field history are where we see real potential.”

Of course, Mendoza adds, standardized data exchange between businesses will be critical for software companies like MyAgData to thrive, and traceability initiatives through the work at AgGateway provide his company with an opportunity to have a seat at the table. “We see a real need for it, so much continues to be manually driven,” he says.