Network and Engage

AgGateway Mentors Help Ensure our New Volunteers are in it for the Long Haul

By AgGateway Member Services Staff

When you first joined AgGateway, did you have questions about how things worked, or how to get involved?

If so, now’s your chance to help a colleague who is new to AgGateway feel welcome and participate! In the process, you can expand your circle of AgGateway colleagues and potentially help move initiatives forward that are of common interest to you and your mentee.

AgGateway is looking for volunteers to mentor new members in your area of interest – and it only requires a few conversations for a limited period of time.

As an AgGateway Mentor, you will use your experience and knowledge to guide and support someone with less experience. You will communicate, encourage, support, and walk a new volunteer through the process. For AgGateway, it's about helping someone understand the organization and its benefits so that they can more quickly engage and realize the clear value of their AgGateway membership.

And making a close, one-on-one connection with a new colleague widens your network, and deepens your involvement in AgGateway activities that are important to you and your company.

Here’s what we’re asking:

  • A short-term interaction. AgGateway Mentors should plan on committing to serve 3-6 months at minimum, or as long as the mentor and mentee mutually agree. This includes initial outreach, responding to any questions from your mentee as they arise, and being a personal ambassador to your mentee during networking events at AgGateway meetings.
  • Suggested contact includes:
    • You send an initial welcome email with your contact information, and schedule an appointment to talk.
    • You hold an initial phone call so you can introduce each other.
  • During these communications, you:
    • Confirm that your mentee is receiving AgGateway emails
    • Invite them to attend an upcoming meet-up or committee meeting
  • During an AgGateway meeting/conference:
    • Meet with them (at a networking session, for example), introduce them to other members and trading partners with similar interests, and suggest sessions that might be of interest to them.

You don’t need to know everything about AgGateway! Member Services is always here to help with questions, and with each step of the mentoring process!

Interested? Email us today at, and include the area of interest/committee for which you are willing to be a mentor.