2022 November Newsletter

2022 November Volume 16  Number 10

From the President

Strategic Plan Success: Delivering on Promises

By Brent Kemp, AgGateway President and CEO

AgGateway’s founders had a vision for the agriculture industry. When representatives from our founding companies sat down and decided to form this organization, there were already well-established groups that developed and implemented standards-based messaging in the industry. What they weren’t doing - at least not well or consistently - was sharing best practices, harmonizing implementations, and coalescing on common reference data.

AgGateway’s founders recognized the efficiencies that could be achieved by investing in a forum where all of agriculture was welcome. Where inconsistencies could be corrected, and where tomorrow’s business problems could be addressed through technology. Their watch words and the mission was to Promote, Enable, and Expand eBusiness in Agriculture. Read more >

Member Services

Supporting Your Experience at the Annual Conference

By Chris Crutchfield, Member Services Program Director

The AgGateway Annual Conference is being held November 14 – 16 in Clearwater Beach, FL! As in years past, Member Services will be on site to provide member/attendee support throughout the conference. The Member Services team will have a desk set up near the registration table and we encourage you to use the team as a resource for your questions regarding the conference itself, AgGateway membership, or access to the tools and resources available to AgGateway members. Look for the banner, “Member Services, Live!” and please don’t hesitate to bring us your questions, or simply stop by to introduce yourself! Read more >

November Portfolio Update

Working Groups Focus on User Stories

By Ben Craker, Portfolio Manager

I’d like to open by saying that if you’re attending the Annual Conference this month, the tables are well set for making some strong progress during our in-person working sessions. I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone there and building on all the hard work that’s been done this year, and to setting the course for a successful year ahead. October was a busy month for volunteers and staff working to move the needle on Working Group goals and priorities. In particular, the focus was on capturing user stories for many of the current Working Groups. Read more >

Regional Reports

Europe and Latin America

Europe Region

By Conny Graumans, Regional Director

Last month, AgGateway Europe held a meeting of the Closed Loop Spray Working Group (WG13) and addressed the topic buffer zone management in applying plant protection products and fertilizer. Read more >

Gateway To Ag Careers

Program Student Participants Announced

Agriculture’s long-term sustainability will rest on its ability to attract some of the best and brightest among the next generation of college graduates to build long term careers in our industry. This is the driver behind the Gateway to Ag Careers program, hosted by AgGateway and sponsored by the AgCIO Roundtable. Read more >