Regional Reports: Europe and Latin America

Europe Region

By Conny Graumans, Regional Director

Last month, AgGateway Europe held a meeting of the Closed Loop Spray Working Group (WG13) and addressed the topic buffer zone management in applying plant protection products and fertilizer.

This month, we focus our attention on preparing for our Year-End Seminar, facilitated by 365FarmNet. The session will be held on Thursday, 8 December at the CLAAS facility in Harsewinkel, Germany. Both members and non-members are invited to attend.

The program gives room for several short presentations about relevant developments in data sharing and data processing concerning smart farming and precision agriculture. Among the topics to be presented and discussed are the following:

  • An update on AgGateway initiatives, with a special focus on progress with ADAPT serialization and standardization
  • The AEF AgIN initiative
  • The European Data Act, including discussions on data ethics, data ownership, and data portability
  • Agro-EDI-Europe and the maintenance and distribution of standard classifications and code lists
  • Handling buffer zones in precision farming
  • Field robotics and image processing
  • Company presentation by the host, CLAAS

The meeting will also address cyber security as a special theme. Each of the presenters will be asked to share their view on cyber security from the perspective of the topic they present.

Also, we will be pleased to welcome Brent Kemp, who took over as AgGateway President and CEO for the first time at our Year-End Seminar. Brent will take the floor to share the latest AgGateway developments.

The program will be finalized in the coming weeks. If your organization or company (yourself or a colleague) would like to contribute to this Seminar with a short presentation that fits the theme, please let me know.

Many thanks to the CLAAS company for hosting this meeting and to Klaus-Herbert Rolf for bringing this together.

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Latin America Region

José Alexandre Loyola, Regional Director

On 9 November, AgGateway Latin America Region will be hosting a special workshop at Embrapa Agricultura Digital in Campinas/SP titled, “Project for the Integration of Climate Data in Agribusiness.” The Workshop will run from from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm and offers the option of attending remotely as well as in-person. The event is open to both member and non-member stakeholders in this sector.

The purpose of the Workshop is to discuss and validate an AgGateway project proposal involving climate data, which aims to:

  1. Establishment of criteria for a better technical-scientific understanding of possible (available) climatic variables and their correct use in applications
  2. Standardize the means and methods of data exchange using these variables, as well as the criteria for using dates or periods of these data
  3. Establish a database for testing and validating applications

Our proposal with this event is to consult and validate the scope of the projects that we will focus on here in the Latin America region in 2023 with representatives from the entire climate data chain. This includes climate data providers, weather station providers, weather forecast providers and data users.