Gateway To Ag Careers

Program Student Participants Announced

Agriculture’s long-term sustainability will rest on its ability to attract some of the best and brightest among the next generation of college graduates to build long term careers in our industry. This is the driver behind the Gateway to Ag Careers program, hosted by AgGateway and sponsored by the AgCIO Roundtable.

Each year, AgGateway asks leading college educators to recommend students for the program, which requires students to write an essay about their studies, interests, and reasons for wanting to participate in the program. A grant is provided for the selected students to attend the AgGateway Annual Conference to engage with attendees, sit in on educational sessions, and learn more about the many career opportunities that agriculture has to offer. This year, eight students were honored with grants.

"We're excited to be hosting these eight exceptional students at the 2022 Annual Conference," says Brent Kemp, AgGateway President and CEO. "Interest was very strong this year -- it was the most competitive group of applications we've ever received. Participants represent eight different educational institutions and a bring a wide range of interests and disciplines to the program."

The following students will be participating in the Gateway to Ag Careers program:

Kaitlyn Gordon, Mississippi State University

Amiyah Hunter, University of Northwestern (MN)

Derek Kinney, Iowa State University

Cori Lee, The Ohio State University

Raul Sebastian Martinez, Texas A&M University

Carley Rorhbaugh, Colorado State University

Daksh Shah, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Ketan Shende, Kansas State University

For more information about the students and their interest in the agriculture industry, click here.

"The AgCIO Roundtable is pleased to sponsor the Gateway To Ag Careers program annually to give exceptional students the opportunity to engage with agriculture professionals and learn about the many possible career opportunities our industry offers,” says Keith Milburn, Chief Information Officer at GROWMARK, Inc., and AgCIO Roundtable member.