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Announcing Publication of AgGateway Open Standards 6.0

The Open Applications Group Inc. (OAGi) has published Chem eStandards version 6.0. Version 6.0 can be accessed here. (Download the zip file.)

Version 6.0 highlights:

  1. Correct minor discrepancies present in versions 4 through 5.4.
  2. Adjust naming and design rule implementation to support alignment with ISO 15000-5, which paves the way for OAGi Score use.
  3. Added six new messages to support seed-related processes in agriculture:
  1. ProductReturnsRequest
  2. ProductTransfersRequest
  3. ProductTransfersResponse
  4. SeedReplantClaim
  5. LicenseZoneRequest
  6. LicenseZoneResponse

Detailed change log available in the GitHub commit log at

GitHub repository for Chem eStandards v5.0 and later available at

Note: The CLICK application has been updated for version 6.0 and will be published after the data dictionary has been updated.