Great Ideas

Have an Idea? Schedule a Meet-Up!

By AgGateway Member Services

Did You Know? Starting right now as part of AgGateway 2020, when members want to meet to discuss a pain point or idea, or just to brainstorm on a topic or set of topics, they can ask Member Services to schedule a “Meet-Up”. A Meet-Up can be a conference call or face-to-face meeting to bring together AgGateway members who are interested in a specific topic, or to discuss pain points in a particular sector (e.g., crop nutrition, seed, etc.).

Staff will work with a member volunteer lead to schedule the Meet-Up, promote the Meet-Up to the entire membership to encourage participation, help facilitate the meeting, take minutes on key points, and assist with follow-up of action items. We expect many of these Meet-Ups to lead to Working Groups and new digital resources!

Questions? Contact Member Services at or +1 (866) 251-8618.