AgGateway Recognizes Leaders for Advances in Digital Agriculture


AgGateway Recognizes Leaders for Advances in Digital Agriculture

By AgGateway Communications Director Susan Ruland

At the Annual Conference last month in New Orleans, AgGateway honored exemplary individuals who have made outstanding contributions in advancing the industry’s transition to digital agriculture. These digital solutions allow businesses to better access accurate information to maximize efficiency and productivity within their operations and with trading partners.

Eric Hoefing, Manager of Applications Development at ACS, received AgGateway’s top honor, the Ron Storms Leadership Award. The award recognizes repeated, outstanding efforts by an AgGateway volunteer member in promoting collaboration among AgGateway teams and advancing initiatives in digital agriculture. In presenting the award, former Ron Storms recipient Joe Tevis of Vis Consulting said the judges praised Hoefing’s ability to foster an energetic environment that promotes collaboration.

“He’s not going to sit back and let good ideas get mired down,” Tevis said, adding that Hoefing has developed many ways to engage with trading partners, find pain points, and implement AgGateway resources, creating success stories for the organization. Hoefing has been active in seed and ag retail initiatives at AgGateway and has served in a variety of leadership positions.

AgGateway also presented its annual AgGateway in Action Awards at the conference. Recipients are chosen by the leadership within the various segments of the organization, recognizing individuals who have moved connectivity efforts forward in the current year. The 2019 winners include Rich Adams of Key Cooperative, from the Grain & Feed Council; Corina Ardelean, AGCO Corporation, from the Precision Agriculture Council; and Eric Hoefing of ACS, presented by the Ag Retail Council.

In addition, President & CEO Wendy Smith gave the 2019 President’s Award to Ann Vande Lune, Agronomy Administrator at Key Cooperative. Smith said Vande Lune stands out this year for several reasons, particularly her efforts to rally a team to develop new seed messages for seed transfers, seed replants and license management. The result will bolster the steps a company takes for efficiency and customer service. It will also reduce some of the retailer challenges in managing these processes.

“Ann brings people together and isn’t afraid to have tough conversations,” Smith said. “She has been a leader in reaching across sectors and putting ideas into action. In everything she does, she works toward implementation in the field, which is what AgGateway is all about.”