ADAPT Team Releases New Version of Framework and ISOXML Plugin

By AgGateway’s ADAPT Oversight Committee

On January 25, AgGateway’s ADAPT technical team (part of the ADAPT Oversight Committee) released a new version of the ADAPT Framework and ISO Plugin. They are available today on GitHub and Nuget at no cost.

The ADAPT Framework is improved by adding components that support refining the meaning (semantics) of observations. Implementers can use the components to add parameters to an observation (e.g., the depth of a soil moisture content measurement), or additional refinement (e.g., the crop that is being observed, that an air temperature measurement pertains to the air inside a greenhouse).

The ISO plugin now supports reading a timelog file by multiple processes simultaneously. It has also removed the fifty-row limitation on width determination for spatial data. The ISO plugin supports the ISOXML format managed by AgGateway’s collaboration partner, AEF (Agriculture Industry Electronics Foundation). More can be found at