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April 2021 Working Group Round-Up

By Dan Berne, AgGateway Portfolio Manager

Here’s a brief summary of Working Group activities this month, starting with the latest news. Want to get involved or start a group? Contact Member Services at Member.Services@AgGateway.org.

Agrisemantics (WG00)
This working group has defined a process for submitting context items. The ContextItem system enables software to tag data objects with regulatory, and other business-specific attributes, such as geopolitical-context-dependent information. Submissions can be made with a JSON file and/or a completed Excel file. Look for a published process soon. The group has been meeting actively with the Agricultural Laboratory Data group to place Modus controlled vocabularies into the Observations System.

Product Catalog (WG03)
Version 1.1 of the OAGIS Catalog JSON Schema will be submitted to the Standards & Guidelines Committee for review this month. The group has met with BASF, which is interested in using the Product Catalog API. Others who are interested in taking advantage of the Product Catalog API should contact Mike Altman via Member Services at Member.Services@AgGateway.org.

Meanwhile, the group continues to discuss how to leverage existing work with AgGateway’s Europe regional group. The European region is particularly interested in the use of the Score tool. Score is a NIST/OAGi software tool used to specify an API interface and to produce JSON and XML schema and API specifications. Its efficiency is especially attractive for small businesses.

Agricultural Laboratory Data (WG04)
The group has been meeting with the Agrisemantics working group to apply the observations and measurements model to the Modus model, and to provide a lexicon of semantics, including nomenclature and geopolitical aspects. They are also meeting with external labs to get feedback on the model.

Mix Ticket (WG05)
The group will meet this month to determine next steps. If you are interested, please contact Adam Hilton via Member Services at Member.Services@AgGateway.org.

Farm Inputs: Reference Data (WG06)
The group is examining the use of the Product Catalog API in Europe. See the notes on WG03 above.

Farm Inputs: Work Order and Work Record (WG07)
This group has interest from several potato companies on tracking the identification of products from planting through storage. Their goal is to know, as accurately as possible, from which crop fields a processed batch of potatoes came from. The focus would be on the production areas in France, The Netherlands, Belgium and Poland.

In-Field Product ID Plugin (WG08)
The ADAPT plugins are code complete! The working group completed their deliverable efficiently by having a specific set of requirements from the Agrisemantics working group and by starting each week with a clear set of tasks to be completed. The remaining work is to run specific test files through the plugins to support the in-field seed product identification test.

Data Linking (WG09)
The data linking charter has been approved, forming this new group. As noted last month, the intent is to link summary metadata about Critical Tracking Events (CTE), such that raw data can be found for analyses. The group is currently focused on grain, and is looking at potential work on potato traceability. Stay tuned on that one!

Ag Energy Ship Notice (WG10)
The working group is up and running. The group is developing a desired process for data exchange, message schemas, and available/required data. They are also looking at the use of the Value Calculator to support prospective participant and implementer investment.

In the Pipeline:

A new working group will leverage the work done by the Ag Lab Data working group to focus on soil testing data in Latin America. See the accompanying article from the Latin America regional group in this newsletter.