AGIIS Insider

Disaster Recovery Exercise Scheduled Later This Month

By Chris Crutchfield, Member Services Program Director

There are two types of companies: those that practice for disaster recovery, and those that will (after getting burned for lack of preparation). When it comes to managing AGIIS, we definitely want to be in the former category, fully ready for any eventuality should we experience any trouble in the future.

I was given a strong reminder of the need for this discipline in the form of a strong summer storm that moved through Kansas City last month. Straight line winds reaching gusts as high as 90 miles an hour knocked down trees and power lines, and damaged over 500 utility poles across the metro! My energy company had enlisted help from across the Midwest, bringing in crews to work around the clock to restore service. Three days after the storm hit, as I wrote this article from my parent’s living room, I was still without power.

This whole situation had been a major inconvenience, but I was pleased with the level of effort from my utility company, especially with the communications made available that allowed me to understand the scope, know what is being done to restore service, and most importantly to me, to have an idea as to when my service would be restored. Clearly, they had a solid disaster plan in place.

Likewise, AgGateway works with its AGIIS service provider, DXC, to conduct an annual disaster-recovery exercise. This exercise simulates a situation where AGIIS services are no longer available and the estimated time to recover at the primary hosting site in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA is unknown or unacceptably long. The exercise actually activates the recovery hosting site in Colorado Springs, CO USA and tests its operation. An actual cutover is not done. The AGIIS Disaster Recovery Plan includes roles, responsibilities, and communications requirements.

We will test the communications aspects of the Disaster Recovery Plan with the Disaster Recovery exercise planned to begin 28 August. Here is what to expect:

  • We will explain to AGIIS users the situation (simulated in this case), share our plan and timeline to restore service, and provide ongoing updates.
  • We will repeatedly and conspicuously state that we are executing a simulated exercise, and remind AGIIS users of our plan in the days leading up to 28 August.
  • We expect to learn from this exercise and will execute a well-choreographed communication plan in the event of a real disaster recovery situation. And like me with my power being out, you will know exactly the scope and projected timeline as to when services will be restored.

If you have any questions regarding the AGIIS Annual Disaster Recovery exercise, please contact Member Services at or at +1 (866) 251-8618.