Making a Big Impact at Tech Hub Live

By Paul Schrimpf, Director of Marketing and Communications

At last month’s Tech Hub LIVE Conference and Expo in Des Moines, myself, Jeremy Wilson, and Ben Craker got the opportunity to spend significant quality time with more than 700 attendees representing stakeholders from across the agriculture value chain. Retailers, consultants, software companies, equipment and technology manufacturers, and input manufacturers gathered for what turned out to be an awesome three days of networking representing AgGateway.

All three of us made connections with attendees at the networking events, including two evening receptions, and we spent time with more than 70 exhibitors on the show floor. We also invested in a private meeting room near the conference area, where we held one-on-one meetings with members, prospective members, and potential partners for a day and a half. It was definitely a grind, but we were able to secure several commitments of time and investment while also gaining insight into industry needs that will serve to steer projects through the end of this year.

On the opening day, I was honored to represent AgGateway as a moderator for a session on creating a successful technology strategy. The organization was well represented on the panel, featuring Brian Lutz from Corteva and Tracy Linbo from AgVend. My colleague Ben Craker rounded out the expert lineup.

It was also terrific to have The Equity’s Natasha Lilly, a long-time member, supporter, and participant in AgGateway, featured on the exhibit floor in Fireside Chat with CropLife magazine group editor Lara Sowinski on the topic, “Why Data Standardization is Such a Big Deal.”

There’s plenty to follow up on for now, but we’re already looking forward to next summer when Tech Hub Live comes around again. As Jeremy told me, “In this third year they really hit it out of the park and became the conference we were all hoping for. It was a reunion of the key supporters and builders of precision ag technology over the years, along with the up and coming next generation of professionals who will take this industry to the next level. I can’t wait to see what they do to top this in 2024.”