2023 December Member Updates

2023 December Volume 17  Number 11

From the President

Tangible Success Sets Solid Course for 2024

By Brent Kemp, AgGateway President and CEO

As 2023 winds down, I’d like to share a retrospective on our collective accomplishments so far this year. Many of the statistics I’m going to share were presented at the November annual meeting in Nashville. It was great to see and visit with so many of you there, and I note there are still some regional meetings yet to happen this year. So, some of these statistics are likely to increase before December 31. Read more >

Portfolio Update

Seven Solid Outcomes from the Annual Conference

By Ben Craker, Portfolio Manager

As predicted, the Annual Meeting featured a flurry of activity. A surprising number of new working groups and meetups were identified by our engaged and enthusiastic member attendees.

There were also several working groups that presented deliverables for review and a bit of polishing. It should make the next Standards and Guidelines meeting being a pretty full one for anyone who’s interested in seeing the fruits of our volunteer labor. The year may be starting to wind down with the holiday season, but there is still a lot of activity going on in AgGateway. Read more >

AGIIS Update

AGIIS Data Center Migration Impacts Annual Maintenance Activities

By Chris Crutchfield, AGIIS Product Manager

Normally, my December AGIIS Update would be all about AGIIS annual maintenance activities, providing the dates and descriptions for each planned activity over two weekends in December. This year is different. With the approval from the Directory Oversight Committee, annual maintenance will be delayed until late January due to the AGIIS Data Center migration to Microsoft Azure. The current data center in Tulsa, Oklahoma is closing, and operations are being migrated to another cloud offering. The migration is scheduled to be complete by December 15. Read more >

Regional Updates

LATAM Region — Connecting at Agritechnica; Member Meeting Next Week

By Jose Loyola, LATAM Region Director

AgGateway Latin America leadership is putting the finishing touches on a busy 2023, and its celebration of five years as an AgGateway region. Coming off a major market outreach effort last month, we are preparing for a member meeting next week. Read more >

Regional Updates

Europe Region — Data Interoperability in Focus

By Conny Graumans, AgGateway Europe Director

Final preparations are underway for next week’s AgGateway Europe Region Year-End Seminar. Chaired by Klaus-Hebert Rolf of Class and 365FarmNet, the seminar will take place on Thursday 7 December from 9:00 - 16:00 CET (Paris) in Brussels at the Saxony-Anhalt EU offices. If you are attending and have not signed up, you can do so here.

In the meantime, I have had some time to process all the information and networking we were able to do while working in the AgGateway booth at the Agritechnica in Hamburg, Germany last month. It was very successful, as we were able to connect with many member companies, partner organizations, and prospective members from throughout Europe and around the world. Read more >

Conference Coverage

Annual Conference Delivers on Strong Program; 2024 Board Announced

By Paul Schrimpf, Director of Marketing and Communications

AgGateway attracted more than 160 members and digital connectivity stakeholders to its Annual Conference in Nashville last month, featuring a high-value mix of working sessions, expert presentations, and networking opportunities designed to help move the organization forward on digital connectivity initiatives. Read more >

Conference Coverage

Awards Program Honors Outstanding Volunteers

By Paul Schrimpf, Marketing and Communications Director

One of the most gratifying elements of the AgGateway Annual Conference is the presentation of awards to volunteers for their exceptional service to the organization. The 2023 awards program was no exception and included a new award honoring the late Ron Farrell. This year’s awards and recipients include the following: Read more >

Events – Education - Outreach

The Vision Conference

January 22-24, 2024
Glendale, AZ