2023 October Member Updates

2023 October Volume 17  Number 9

From the President

You Drive Our Success

By Brent Kemp, AgGateway President and CEO

One of the hallmarks of AgGateway is that you, the members, not only identify the priorities of the organization – you also help create the roadmap to address them by selecting the volunteer leadership. As another organization I’m a part of states in their onboarding ceremony:

“The satisfaction you derive from your (organization) membership will be in proportion to your level of participation in the organization’s activities. The success of (this organization) will depend upon the extent of your participation and upon the quality of the leaders that you, the member, select.” Read more >

Portfolio Update

Resources Releases, New Working Groups to Mark Busy October

By Ben Craker, Portfolio Manager

October is going to be a banner month for the Portfolio Management Center, with a wide range of new activities kicking off soon. For anyone that was able to attend or review the agenda from the 14 September Standards and Guidelines Committee meeting, it was obvious that we had some very active working groups that brought digital resources to the table for consideration. Read more >

AGIIS Insider

Address Line 1 Cleanup Effort

By Chris Crutchfield, AGIIS Product Manager

In our May newsletter article, I provided an update on the latest AGIIS enhancements, one of which included an AGIIS address line 1 system edit addition. This enhancement put business rules in place to restrict physical or mailing address line 1 to include address only information. The enhancement was the direct result of subscriber input, noting that some entities in AGIIS contained information in address line 1 that did not pertain to the address itself. This created confusion for some subscribers. The resolution was to prohibit non-address information in line one of the physical or mailing address. Read more >

Regional Updates

LATAM Region — Member Meetings Set for This Week

By Jose Loyola, LATAM Region Director

AgGateway Latin America will be holding a member meeting on 4 October at Cubo Itaú in São Paulo/SP. Attendees will take in an institutional lecture from a CUBO representative and watch presentations from startup companies related to the topic of digital agriculture. The group will also discuss the status and next steps for Data Projects in Climate and Soil Laboratory Data Integration and will share suggestions for two new project themes for members. Follow the Cubo website for more information: Read more >

Partner News

AgGateway to Participate in AEM’s Ag on the Mall Next May

In 2022, AgGateway was a proud participant in the Association of Equipment Manufacturers’ “Celebration of Modern Ag on the National Mall.” Brent Kemp, Jeremy Wilson, and Paul Schrimpf represented AgGateway and helped dozens of legislators, regulators, staffers, and interested tourists and locals to understand the importance of digital connectivity and our role in building these connections. Read more >

Member Perspective

Cornell University Seeks Collaboration on Dairy Management Project

Cornell University has big ambitions for its latest investment in dairy management research. The awarding of a four-year, $4.3 million USDA grant to Cornell was announced this past spring, earmarked for the creation of a “Farm of the Future” to demonstrate and apply new and emerging technology tools and practices.

Events – Education - Outreach

AgGateway Annual Conference
 12-16 November 2023
Hilton Nashville Downtown
Nashville, TN

Ag Retailers AssociationConference and Expo
November 28-30 2023
Orlando, FL

The Vision Conference
January 22-24, 2024
Glendale, AZ