Regional Updates

LATAM Region — Member Meetings Set for This Week

By Jose Loyola, LATAM Region Director

AgGateway Latin America will be holding a member meeting on 4 October at Cubo Itaú in São Paulo/SP. Attendees will take in an institutional lecture from a CUBO representative and watch presentations from startup companies related to the topic of digital agriculture. The group will also discuss the status and next steps for Data Projects in Climate and Soil Laboratory Data Integration and will share suggestions for two new project themes for members. Follow the Cubo website for more information:

The meeting locations was suggested by Adriano Becker of CNH Industrial, one of the companies that sponsors Cubo in the Agro segment, along with Corteva.

The following day, attendees will participate in a day long AgTech Meeting event in Piracicaba/SP, promoted by LATAM Region associate member AgTech Garage. The program is extremely interesting, and an English-translated version of the program is available for those interested in reviewing the scheduled activities: