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AgGateway to Participate in AEM’s Ag on the Mall Next May

In 2022, AgGateway was a proud participant in the Association of Equipment Manufacturers’ “Celebration of Modern Ag on the National Mall.” Brent Kemp, Jeremy Wilson, and Paul Schrimpf represented AgGateway and helped dozens of legislators, regulators, staffers, and interested tourists and locals to understand the importance of digital connectivity and our role in building these connections.

Next May, the celebration will return with an even bigger and broader presence for the agriculture industry, and AgGateway is once again committing to support the effort. This second Celebration of Modern Ag on the National Mall is scheduled for May 6 – 8, with displays being placed between the Smithsonian Museums in Washington, DC.

AEM also announced the 2024 theme, “Sustainable Supply Chain,” which aims to highlight the benefits of today’s agricultural equipment technology along with gains achieved by producers, agri-business, food processors, and retailers. AEM’s goal is to have the full spectrum of agricultural equipment represented, including livestock, specialty and row crops.

“Showcasing the sustainability of our food system on the National Mall is an unparalleled opportunity to influence regulations and legislation.” says AEM Senior Vice President Curt Blades.

“The 2022 experience proved to be an invaluable opportunity to connect directly with key decision makers about AgGateway,” says Kemp. “It also allowed us to visually demonstrate the importance of connected systems for meeting increasing regulatory demands and sustainability goals, in addition to improving efficiency for farmers and the businesses that serve them. We’re looking forward to another high-value event in 2024.”