AGIIS Insider

Address Line 1 Cleanup Effort

By Chris Crutchfield, AGIIS Product Manager

In our May newsletter article, I provided an update on the latest AGIIS enhancements, one of which included an AGIIS address line 1 system edit addition. This enhancement put business rules in place to restrict physical or mailing address line 1 to include address only information. The enhancement was the direct result of subscriber input, noting that some entities in AGIIS contained information in address line 1 that did not pertain to the address itself. This created confusion for some subscribers. The resolution was to prohibit non-address information in line one of the physical or mailing address.

The business rule has now been in place for nearly six months, however there are existing entities in AGIIS that contain non-address information. In the May article, I informed you that there would be a clean up activity in the November timeframe. As we are quickly approaching the end of the year, I want to take this opportunity to remind subscribers that this activity is on the horizon.

In early November, we will be providing subscribers with a report containing impacted entities in their subset. Subscribers will be given approximately 45 days to review and update these entities. We plan to communicate directly with impacted subscribers with an e-mail communication on Monday, October 23 and will deliver reports early in November. Subscribers that wish to get a head start on this activity, may request a subset extract now and begin the review and update process.

If you have questions regarding the clean-up activity, or if you need assistance generating your subset extracts, please reach out to Member Services at, or call us at +1 (866) 251-8618.