2023 March Newsletter

2023 March Volume 17  Number 2

From the President

Taking Our Mission On The Road

By Brent Kemp, AgGateway President and CEO

We’re still a month away from wrapping up the first quarter of 2023, and we’ve already logged significant frequent flyer miles in support of the AgGateway mission. AgGateway member volunteers, staff, and I have travelled across the country in an effort to extend and secure partnerships, educate the industry on the value and benefits of connectivity, and invite prospective members to make the commitment to join our cause. Read more >

Portfolio Update

Busy Q1 Drives Working Group Progress

By Ben Craker, AgGateway Portfolio Manager

During the first two months of 2023, we saw most of the current Working Groups take significant steps forward on deliverables. The goal is to have things wrapped up and ready to present at the Mid-Year Meeting in Altoona this summer, which will no doubt be a jam-packed three days of work. Read more >

AGIIS Insider

Turning a Challenge into an AGIIS Enhancement

By Josh Wall, AGIIS Product Manager

At AgGateway we talk a lot about the importance of collaboration in the continuous improvement of our systems. This month I would like to share an example of how members, leadership and staff worked together to overcome a significant challenge brought forward by an Ag Industry Identification System (AGIIS) subscriber.

Working together we created a better AGIIS, and this is how I believe the founders of AgGateway envisioned the organization would get work accomplished to make a difference. Read more >

Europe Region Update

Participants Welcome: Closed Loop Spray Meetup on 14 March

With growing regulatory requirements, especially in Europe, multiple interfaces have been developed for the purpose of reporting the use of crop protection products. The Closed Loop Spray Working Group (WG13) identified several of these interfaces and modeled the business process and key data elements in the context of documenting product use from recommendation to field operation. A next step being proposed is to gap check and map the ADAPT Standard data model against several of the more widely used models that were identified in the closed loop spray project.

This meetup will review the pain points, proposed scope, and deliverables for a new Working Group. Click here to review the charter.

Closed Loop Spray Pain Points

Tuesday 14 March 2023
8:00 AM Chicago / 10:00 AM São Paulo / 2:00 PM Paris

Format: GoTo Meeting

To attend this meet-up, please RSVP to AgGateway Member Services via email. You will be provided a calendar invite including a link to join the GoTo Meeting.