Portfolio Update

Busy Q1 Drives Working Group Progress

By Ben Craker, AgGateway Portfolio Manager

During the first two months of 2023, we saw most of the current Working Groups take significant steps forward on deliverables. The goal is to have things wrapped up and ready to present at the Mid-Year Meeting in Altoona this summer, which will no doubt be a jam-packed three days of work.

I can see tangible progress being made toward solving some of the biggest interoperability issues facing the agriculture industry. Here is a summary of Working Group progress: 

WG00 Agrisemantics has clarified the deliverables in the charter and is seeking members to reengage with the group to tackle crop lists. The group is working on a proof-of-concept infrastructure to manage semantic resources for AgGateway, starting with a crop list implementation that aims to provide a mechanism to map between all the different crops lists in the industry.

WG04 Ag Lab Data (Modus) recently completed v2 of the soil test method code list and is working on making changes to the schema to address known gaps before releasing them as a package. The team also added a couple new members that have expertise in other lab test methods, starting with manure analysis, to begin the process of updating the other test matrix code lists to the v2 structure.

WG13 Closed Loop Spray is in the process of winding down, passing their deliverables over to the Digital Resource Center for review. A call for participation has already gone out for a meetup to review the proposed scope of a new working group. The proposed scope is to map several of the common models used for reporting in Europe documented in WG13 against the new ADAPT standard model. This will help streamline reporting by ensuring the ADAPT model can be used in these use cases. If you are interested email Member.Services@aggateway.org to let them know you would like to join the Meet Up.

WG15 Scale Ticket has completed documenting use cases and identifying data elements and is building a first version of a digital scale ticket in Score. This will enable XML, JSON, or OpenAPI specs for the digital scale ticket to be easily generated from the tool.

WG17 Field Boundary completed documentation of use cases and made a lot of progress in a face-to-face meeting. Now the group is going through the output of that meeting with the larger group. Additional detail and clarification is being added to the various deliverables and is building a solid foundation for future efforts that will work to make the exchange of field and field boundary information much more efficient.

WG19 ADAPT Serialization has kicked off as well in the last month. The team is working on identifying requirements and key use cases inform decisions and selection of technologies that will be employed to serialize the new ADAPT Standard data model.

Finally, WG20 Traceability API is working on pulling together documentation and use cases from past efforts to leverage in their work. The team will model the Traceable Resource Unit (TRU), essentially the product being transferred and tracked, and Critical Tracking Event (CTE), the event that transfers or transforms the product from one container, owner, or state to another. These key concepts were identified in past work as imperative to define standard APIs enabling traceability from one system to another. The initial focus is on grain harvest.

As usual if you have any questions on the activities of any of these working groups or want to get engaged feel free to contact me (ben.craker@aggateway.org), or sign up for a working group here.