Thought Leadership

In addition to providing a trusted forum where resources are developed, AgGateway seeks to equip members with the information they need to realize the benefits of digital agriculture..

Below are some recent educational resources of interest.

AgGateway Inventory Management Workshop: Better Information Drives Better Traceability
(presented Dec. 2019 at the American Seed Trade Association Conference)

Purdue OATS Educational Series, presented at AgGateway’s 2019 Annual Conference by the Open Agricultural Technology and Systems Center at Purdue University

Data Analytics - Prof. James V. Krogmeier. A case study of analysis of multiple machine wheat harvest tracks using Python tools. Code and data available on github.

Networking Solutions for Ag's Data Problems - Andrew Balmos. In this session we consider one way that agriculture could embrace distributed and decentralized networking concepts, and enable new, highly flexible methods of accessing and sharing IoT style data. The network promises to provide elements of connectivity, even when traditional infrastructure is unavailable, unreliable, or otherwise unsuitable.

Understanding Blockchain and Oblivious Smart Contracts - Aaron Ault. Blockchain discussions all too often are long on hype and short on knowledge. We walk through a simple explanation the components of building a blockchain in your own web browser, highlighting the things blockchain does well, the things it does not do, and the conditions under which it breaks. We will also cover a related new invention from the OATS Center at Purdue, Oblivious Smart Contracts, for automating certifications while protecting privacy and sovereignty.