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AgGateway Open Standards Naming Note

Over the years, AgGateway Open Standards has been referred to using a number of names. The following list explains the most common.

  • Chem eStandards: The name of the XML standards that CIDX developed for the global chemical industry, which is currently owned and maintained by OAGi. The name was first used in 2001 and is still used today by OAGi. (CIDX merged into OAGi in 2009.)
  • AgGateway Open Standards: The brand name AgGateway has used to refer to OAGi's Chem eStandards since early Summer 2014.
  • Ag eStandards: The brand name that the agriculture industry used to refer to OAGi's Chem eStandards though early Summer 2014, transitioning to AgGateway Open Standards at that time.
  • AgGateway Standards: May refer to AgGateway Open Standards or may refer more broadly, depending on the context. This name is just descriptive--not referring to any particular resources.
  • CIDX Standards: Descriptive synonym for Chem eStandards. Never an official name.
  • ChemXML: An early name for Chem eStandards, which replaced it in 2001.

Latest Version: AgGateway Open Standards 6.0

The Open Applications Group Inc. (OAGi) has published Chem eStandards version 6.0. Version 6.0 can be accessed here. (Download the zip file.)

Version 6.0 highlights:

  1. Correct minor discrepancies present in versions 4 through 5.4.
  2. Adjust naming and design rule implementation to support alignment with ISO 15000-5, which paves the way for OAGi Score use.
  3. Added six new messages to support seed-related processes in agriculture:
  1. ProductReturnsRequest
  2. ProductTransfersRequest
  3. ProductTransfersResponse
  4. SeedReplantClaim
  5. LicenseZoneRequest
  6. LicenseZoneResponse

Detailed change log available in the GitHub commit log at

GitHub repository for Chem eStandards v5.0 and later available at

Note: The CLICK application has been updated for version 6.0.

Previous Versions

Chem eStandards 5.4 highlights:

  • Implemented numerous additions and changes for the Japanese chemical industry to support transition from JPCA-BP EDI to Chem eStandards for supply chain operations involving trading houses. Changes are defined to address the following messages:
  • Implemented numerous additions and changes to support the North American agriculture industry, including:

Download: (143k)

Published 2016-07-26

AgGateway Open Standards 5.3

AgGateway Open Standards 5.3 introduces a number of new messages and includes:

  • All messages from version 5.2
  • New Message: FeedTonnageReport
  • New Message: FertilizerTonnageReport
  • New Message: PriceSheetRequest
  • New Message: OrderResponseLogRequest
  • New Message: OrderResponseLogResponse
  • New Message: RetailerOrderSummaryRequest
  • New Message: RetailerOrderSummaryReport
  • New Message: ProductBooking
  • New Message: ProductBookingResponse

Download (zip; 204k)

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Message Use Guidelines

The message use guidelines are available on the wiki. The set of guidelines is a members-only resource, which requires a wiki account. Member Services can provide a wiki account for those members that need one.

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AgGateway's Implementation Guidance for OASIS's ebMS 2.0

Download (pdf; 272k)

Namespace Prefix Guidelines

Note: AgGateway's Standards Director recommends against implementing these guidelines given that they violate XML-implementation best practices. This document was produced by a project team during the DTD-to-XML Schema transition period and was intended to address very narrow and immediate implementation challenges. The guidelines remain here for legacy purposes.

Download (pdf; 115k)