Coalition to Advance Precision Ag Launches New Website

2017 Press Releases

Coalition to Advance Precision Ag Launches New Website

Washington, D.C., March 23, 2017 – The Coalition to Advance Precision Agriculture (CAPA) is pleased to announce the launch of its new website, The mission of CAPA is to facilitate communication between farm and agribusiness associations and government decision-makers about precision agriculture, innovation, tools and practices. Filled with informative resources developed by coalition members, the new website helps CAPA promote science-based policy decisions to advance a safe and sustainable food system. Members of the coalition include a range of organizations from across the agricultural community, from grower groups to agribusiness associations working to develop the most advanced technology possible for farmers.

Daren Coppock, president & CEO of the Agricultural Retailers Association (ARA), shared, “Precision agriculture is where many of farming’s challenges and solutions come together. The precise application of nutrients and crop protection products as well as the analysis of production variables — such as soil type, fertility, past yield, slope and other data — help generate what essentially are prescriptions for healthy and abundant crops. Agriculture today is a high-tech enterprise, and CAPA is a way to share these innovative technologies and practices with policymakers who otherwise might not know about or have access to the state of the art in farming.”

“From AgGateway’s perspective, CAPA is an important resource, informing government and industry leaders about the essential work being done to facilitate the exchange of electronic information for precision agriculture. The ability to manage data is key to the continuing success of U.S. agriculture,” said AgGateway President and CEO Wendy Smith.

Dale Moore, executive director of public policy at the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF), said: “Precision agriculture is about using just the right amount of seed, fertilizer and crop protection for every acre we plant. The technology revolution that made that precision possible promises still more abundance and less environmental impact than ever before. We’re proud to be a part of CAPA and urge anyone with an interest in farming and sustainability to visit the coalition’s new website at”

"Manufacturers of farm equipment have enthusiastically embraced technological innovation and have helped to advance precision agriculture to help make farming more efficient and sustainable than ever,” stated Dennis Slater, president of the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM). “We are proud to support CAPA and these new resources to raise awareness of the contributions of precision agriculture and educate policy stakeholders about the need to foster agricultural innovation."

“Continued innovation is paramount to the future of the American seed industry, American agriculture, and to our quality of life,” said American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) President & CEO Andrew W. LaVigne. “CAPA’s resources are a great tool to help facilitate the conversation about precision agriculture, and the role it plays in addressing so many of the challenges we face today —  from changing weather, to managing plant disease and pests, to ensuring food security through a wider variety of nutritious food choices that are safe and healthy for consumers and for the environment.”

Jay Vroom, CEO and president of CropLife America (CLA), added, “CLA is proud to be part of CAPA and the collective effort to communicate the importance of advancing U.S. agriculture. With a wide range of voices in the coalition, CAPA is an essential resource for decision makers and journalists looking for information on the role that technology and innovation play in agriculture. We invite everyone who is interested in the conversation on advancing farming – from foodies to moms and chefs and everyone in between – to visit the new CAPA website to become more informed and help us advance precision ag!”



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