AGIIS Enhancements

Will Your Idea be in Our Next Release?

By Chris Crutchfield, Member Services Program Manager

AGIIS, AgGateway’s Ag Industry Identification System, is continually being enhanced to meet the needs of users and the industry. Over the years, AGIIS has undergone a wide range of improvements and enhancements, many of which have come directly from the subscriber community. These changes have led to improved navigation, strengthened user access, the inclusion of additional data elements, and visibility to subset usage, as well as alterations to address government regulation and oversight.

Our latest enhancement, outlined below, was at the request of a subscriber participant of the Directory Oversight Committee, the governing body of the AGIIS Directory.

On Saturday, July 2, AGIIS will be enhanced to include a new data element, Member Services Review Date, shown on the Entity View and history pages as, "Mem Svc Review Date". This new data element was requested by the Directory Oversight Committee to provide subscribers additional insight on an entity record.

Today, subscribers can request that Member Services perform Verification, either by phone or internet search, to validate entity demographics. This is a fee-based service that must be requested by a subscriber. The verification type and date are displayed on the entity record.

There are times when Member Services performs a review of an entity even when Verification is not requested. For example, when a company is bought out, or goes out of business, Member Services may call the location or perform internet research before accepting or declining the update. The Directory Oversight Committee felt it would be beneficial to know when this type of review was performed. The Member Services Review Date will address this new requirement.

A set amount of development units are pre-allocated each year to support AGIIS enhancements. If you’d like to review how we’ve allocated these units to enhance AGIIS in the past, I encourage you to visit our AGIIS Enhancements Page on the AgGateway website. If you have an idea to improve the Directory, we welcome your input, and we’ve made it easy! Simply complete the short AGIIS Enhancement Request Form and return it to and your idea may be incorporated into our next release!