Nominate a Student for the Gateway to Ag Careers Program

Do you know a student who would benefit from attending the AgGateway Annual Meeting and Conference? If so, the Conference Committee encourages you to nominate a student for the Gateway to Ag Careers program. 

Awarded students will attend the annual conference November 6th – 9th, in San Diego, CA. This program is designed for students within Distribution Supply Chain and Logistics, Agribusiness, or IT majors to provide insight into ‘real world’ applications and awareness of the various opportunities available within participating AgGateway companies. Please keep your eyes open for those who would be a good fit for this valuable program. We’re looking for high achieving, mature students who show potential leadership skills. 

If you have a recommendation or know a student you feel would be a good match, please contact Kristin Nottingham at

About AgGateway's Annual Conferences

Network, collaborate and move your company’s eConnectivity efforts forward. Invite your colleagues and business partners to learn about developments in eConnectivity and next steps in AgGateway initiatives.

Our Annual Conference draws hundreds of business and IT professionals from across the ag industry to discuss ongoing activities and the latest resources in implementing eConnectivity between agricultural trading partners. AgGateway's Annual Conference is a great way to meet members and discuss trends and concerns for the upcoming year. 

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