Think Like a Startup Workshop

Monday, November 6 from 8:30 am - 11:30 am, at AgGateway’s Annual Conference San Diego, California

Session Leader: Marc Bolick, DesignThinkers Group

Join us for the "Think Like A Startup” pre-conference workshop!  This is a high-energy and fun workshop that enables you to see your organization through a new lens. Using elements of design thinking, agile and lean startup you will learn how to align team values, organizational culture, product offerings, and business models with customer needs and goals. In just three hours, you will form a team and co-create a completely new business using a human-centered design approach.

Whether you are driving innovation within your organization, interested in learning about design thinking and how to apply it, or looking for a new approach to solving nagging problems, this workshop is full of practical tools for you.

How to Register

Register for the "Think Like a Startup" pre-conference workshop when you register for the conference. The workshop fee is an additional $100, which includes refreshments and workshop materials. For questions, or for late registrations, contact Member Services at 

We have a limit of 35 attendees so those interested should register early!

What You’ll Learn

  • The power of linking shared values and vision to an organization's products & services
  • How to harness teamwork to develop innovative solutions through co-creation
  • How fast-paced time boxing can generate high energy and engagement in a team
  • How to apply the tools of design thinking within your organization

Who Should Attend

  • Leaders responsible for driving growth
  • Corporate intrapreneurs & organizational change agents
  • Managers who want to get their teams ‘unstuck’
  • Students and anyone curious to learn about design thinking and designing products/services

What People Are Saying

“One of the biggest take-away's for me was the way this workshop reinforced how collaborative teams always seem to accomplish more.”

The Design Thinkers’ Think Like a Startup activity was a great success. The thought processes they encouraged are a perfect way to spur innovation in a company of any size or age.” 

“This workshop was a huge eye-opener for me! It is funny how people who do not even know each other and perhaps do not have many of the same values, can somehow come together on a few pieces of common ground and "create" a company you never would have thought of otherwise.”