2024 Mid-Year Quick Connect

“Connecting is a great opportunity to review your processes and make needed improvements and gain efficiency. Our vendor and customer connections mean everyone can enjoy the benefits of more accurate data, more timely information, and better inventory management. ”

Julie Benick Business to Business Operations Supervisor, WinField United

Do you want to connect electronically and expand your interoperability with your distributors or manufacturers in the next 12-24 months? Sign up for a 60-minute Quick Connect session at the Mid-Year Meeting.

Quick Connect is a unique opportunity to meet with some of your most important trading partners to determine how to better connect electronically – from booking and delivery to invoicing and inventory management.

Each session sets aside dedicated face-to-face time allowing trading partners to discuss one-on-one what they need to do and what connections they need to build. Participants often come away from these meetings with an execution timetable and a clearer understanding of how to utilize AgGateway electronic messages and resources for a successful implementation.

A full list of participating trading partners and available time slots can be found on the sign-up sheet linked here. Once you have selected your slot, be sure to reach out to any other parties you want or need to have at the table to have a connection discussion with the chosen manufacturer or distributor.

”Thanks to work within AgGateway, the standards are well developed and ready for everyone to use. Now what we really need is for more trading partners to go electronic — and ditch the paper so that companies and the industry can fully benefit.“

Ann Vande Lune  Agronomy Administrator at Key Cooperative and Chair of AgGateway’s North America Council