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solutions direkt is pleased to announce the immediate availability of NEXUSe2e version 4.5. NEXUSe2e is the premier open source business messaging solution used by a number of AgGateway member organizations. The new version packs a number of improvements that include new features and usability, performance and robustness enhancements. Highlights include support for the AgGateway Web Services Guideline and rapid prototyping features. The following overview lists the major improvements in this version.

The NEXUSe2e ebXML Transport implementation has been revised in version 4.5 to better comply with the standard and better interoperate with other ebXML implementations. As an alternative to the ebXML messaging protocol, NEXUXe2e 4.5 implements the AgGateway Web Service Guideline. This provides an important interoperability option for AgGateway members and their trading partners.

Most Certificate Authorities have recently updated their policies to no longer accept 1024 bit RSA keys. Consequently, many users had to build their Certificate Signing Request (CSR) external to the application. As of version 4.5, NEXUSe2e supports key lengths of 2048 and 4096 bits when creating a CSR. Another nice refinement worth mentioning is that the NEXUSe2e title bar is now collapsible to save valuable space in your browser window. Finally a handful of user interface quirks associated with Firefox 4 and Internet Explorer browsers were addressed.

Monitoring and Troubleshooting
Several improvements have been made in the way NEXUSe2e shares its information with the outbound world. This includes log messages, remote access, and interactive script debugging. The following sections provide more detail about these features.

Conversation log messages
NEXUSe2e 4.5 now shows all conversation or message-related error, warning, and information output directly on your Transaction Reporting screen. This saves time when you have trouble exchanging messages with a specific partner or if you need detailed log information related to the processing of a specific message or conversation.

Transaction Reporting: See immediately why this message failed. In this example, the backend returns an HTTP 403 error code (“Forbidden”) due to incorrect credentials.

Web Services
The developers added an enhanced administration and reporting Web Service interface for remote and mobile applications. This will allow you to check the NEXUSe2e application's health status, message and error statistics, conversation, and message processing and much more from wherever you are.

Live debugging and analysis with Groovy scripting
Groovy is an object-oriented scripting language for the Java Runtime. With the new Groovy console built into NEXUSe2e 4.5, you can script extensions, database queries or debugging code and directly run them in the NEXUSe2e environment. This is a convenient and powerful tool to “look into” a running NEXUSe2e server application.

Groovy shell script that prints out all choreographies from the current NEXUSe2e configuration

Rapid prototyping and development with Groovy scripting
With the new Groovy pipelet, you can rapidly script prototypes for your message processing, document mapping, or routing requirements. Even with little experience in software development, you can easily add new features to the existing NEXUSe2e pipeline processing, being able to access all tools and functionality provided by the NEXUSe2e messaging software. Changes to the Groovy script don’t require any new software deployment, simply applying your changes to the NEXUSe2e configuration will let you test a new version of your code.

Robustness and performance
Robustness and performance were the main goals for NEXUSe2e 4.5 leading to a major improvements in message handling and processing core. Simulating thousands of messages and various behavior patterns of backend systems, solutions direkt confirmed that the message processing issues that might occur in some heavy-load scenarios have been addressed. Further improvements affect clustered environments, state machine and the re-queuing functionality.

The release of NEXUSe2e 4.5 demonstrates solutions direkt’s commitment to its continued support of the agriculture industry. The robustness, performance, usability, prototyping, and reporting improvements make this a must-have upgrade for all NEXUSe2e users.

Visit the NEXUSe2e website here.