Calling All AGIIS Subscribers: Help Keep Your Committee Strong

AGIIS Update

Calling All AGIIS Subscribers: Help Keep Your Committee Strong

By Josh Wall, AgGateway AGIIS Product Manager

The Directory Oversight Committee, which manages the Ag Industry Identification System (AGIIS), is asking AGIIS subscribers to provide some basic information to help ensure cross-industry representation on the committee. Previously, the committee would go to each council for representation in reviewing the AGIIS directory. But now that AgGateway work is being completed outside of a council structure, we need to ensure that the committee has broad representation, encompassing all industry segments at each level in the supply chain. This representation helps keep AGIIS a strong industry resource as hundreds of companies use it each day.

That’s where you come in! Have you/your company completed the basic representation matrix about the areas where your company maintains identifiers used in AGIIS? If not, we need to hear from you now! This is one of the ways we can determine which companies are active in which areas, to find the adequate business and technical representation to support AGIIS.

If your organization hasn’t yet provided input for the matrix, please complete and return the matrix to Member Services ( this month. The Directory Oversight Committee will use the matrix to match up each subscriber’s areas of expertise and knowledge with needs of the committee as it manages AGIIS, to ensure that all industry segments can continue to provide direction and governance of this valuable resource.

A few tips in filling out the matrix: For each industry segment in which your organization operates, please indicate the identifiers your organization maintains for each type of business (e.g., grower, retailer, distributor, manufacturer, or Allied Provider). If your organization operates multiple types of business in a segment, mark all that apply.

For example, if you are a distributor in the seed segment, you might indicate the following, since within the seed segment all these levels need input on the handling of GTINs and GLNs:

Seed Grower       
   Retailer  X  X  
   Distribultor  X  X  
   Manufacturer  X  X  
   Allied Provider  X  X  


Thanks for taking the time to respond! We’re excited about the future of AGIIS and the potential enhancements that are on the horizon. If you have any questions regarding the Directory Oversight Committee or need assistance in filling out the matrix, contact AgGateway’s Member Services at or at +1 866.251.8618.