Board Reviewing 2021 and 5-Year Plans; New Mission and Vision

Strategic Plan

Board Reviewing 2021 and 5-Year Plans; New Mission and Vision

By AgGateway Marketing Communications Director Susan Ruland

This month the AgGateway Board of Directors will complete its review of 1-year and 5-year plans for the organization. The plans include strategic objectives for the months and years ahead, as well as a more detailed, tactical plan for 2021.

Watch for invitations coming soon to AgGateway members for a webinar to review the plans with staff and the board.

As part of the new 5-year plan, and in keeping with the organization’s objectives, the board has approved new vision and mission statements for AgGateway. The new vision and mission were born from several strategic planning sessions with an outside professional facilitator.


AgGateway was encouraged to create a vision that is a rallying cry for members, as well as an aspirational future state. As a result, the new vision statement is:

Universal connectivity to transform data into value

Members can rally around this vision of universal connectivity no matter what they’re working on at AgGateway. The vision also reflects where we would like to be in the future: a state of business where all processes are digitally connected, and where data is automatically accessible and usable to maximum value for the user.


The mission describes how AgGateway will pursue its vision in the near term. It therefore provides more detail than the vision. AgGateway’s new mission is:

To develop the resources and relationships that drive digital connectivity in global agriculture and related industries

AgGateway Organizational Value Statements

In addition, the staff and board created a set of organizational value statements. These are the principles or standards by which an organization abides. They are non-negotiable criteria for decision-making in the organization.

Here are the AgGateway value statements:

Integrity: We provide a transparent, impartial, inclusive and safe (anti-trust compliant) environment in which our members can collaborate.

Collaboration: We foster a productive, collaborative environment where all members have an equal place at the table.

Innovation: We pursue creative, workable and globally consistent solutions to our members’ digital challenges, providing value to our members’ businesses and the industry as a whole.

Leadership and Expertise: We seek to provide the highest level of expertise, thought leadership and insight on the latest standards and solutions, and relevant connections and collaborations with other organizations to lead the way in digital agriculture.

Service: We strive to provide the highest level of service to each of our members by anticipating industry needs, strategically prioritizing activities, and rapidly responding to member input.

Commitment: We are deeply committed to driving digital solutions as rapidly and efficiently as possible for the benefit of the industry. We foster that same spirit of commitment within our membership.

We’ll be posting the new vision, mission and value statements to the website, and encourage all members to refer to them as we work to drive digital connectivity in all we do!