Membership Benefits

Tap into AgGateway!

By AgGateway Marketing Communications Director Susan Ruland

As we move into the second half of 2021, AgGateway invites you to take a moment to consider all the ways AgGateway membership brings value to you and your company. Review a brief checklist as you create, engage and grow with digital connections.

Here are tips #1 and #2 off that list:

1. I’m Involved

  • Have you reviewed the various committees and working groups to make sure you’re involved in activities relevant to your company’s business goals?
  • Are you talking with other members about the pain points that your company would like the industry to address?


  • Review the Current Activities section of to determine if there are working groups you want to join.
  • Review the descriptions of AgGateway’s committees to see if there’s a committee you should join. (Need a Wiki password? Contact Member Services)
  • Initiate a “Meet-Up” so that you and colleagues can explore how to address a concern your company is facing. Contact Member Services or use the Request a Meeting link on the website.
  • Keep an eye on the AgGateway email notices and the Calendar of Events for meetings you should join.

2. I’m Maximizing the Networking Opportunities AgGateway Offers

  • Are you attending the AgGateway Annual Conference and Mid-Year Meeting? Are you making sure other key members of your company attend?
  • Are you sharing your views in conference calls, building relationships with others as you seek solutions?
  • Are you seeking out members to connect with when it would benefit your mutual goals?


  • Register early for AgGateway conferences. When the staff provides a roster of who is attending, look for companies and individuals you’d like to talk with, and reach out to those fellow members.
  • Get involved – Follow the tips in item #1 to maximize networking opportunities.

See the full checklist and tips here. Questions? Just Ask! Call or email Member Services anytime! or +1 866-251-8618