Bushel: Helping Grain Move from Paper to Digital

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Bushel: Helping Grain Move from Paper to Digital

By the AgGateway Communications Committee

Bushel is an independently owned software company and provider of software technology solutions for growers, grain buyers, ag retailers, protein producers and food companies, headquartered in Fargo, North Dakota, USA. Founded in 2017, Bushel provides a platform that now powers nearly 2,000 grain facilities across the United States and Canada with real-time business information for their producers. About 60,000 producers use Bushel products and services each month.

“Digital infrastructure in agriculture is still lagging for how business is done throughout the supply chain,” said Travis Hammer, Bushel Senior Business Development Executive. “Scale tickets are still printed and mailed. Paper checks still need to be driven to the bank to get deposited. We saw all of these opportunities to really support our neighboring farmers, grain elevators and other agribusinesses to do business in a much better way.”

Bushel is proud of its data ethos around how it manages data. “We want agribusinesses – from the grower to the final destination – to feel they are in control with how their data is managed. There are powerful abilities to improve how to sell and buy grain with data transparency, but it needs to be permission-based and secure,” Hammer said.

“As we integrate our data within numerous systems in agribusinesses, we see the need for better standards for how data is managed,” he added. “We want to be part of the technology initiatives, resources, and relationships that AgGateway drives in digital connectivity, in global agriculture.”

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