Carbon Sequestration, Digital Ag in Brazil, and Communications Support

Latin America

Carbon Sequestration, Digital Ag in Brazil, and Communications Support

By José Alexandre Loyola, AgGateway Latin America Regional Director

Our June meeting of members with interest in Latin America was held June 1, and included two experts presenting challenges and trends related to carbon sequestration in agriculture. We also completed our discussion of the projects that we will focus on in the region this year, in addition to the soil data integration project that is already in progress.

We are excited about AgGateway’s upcoming Education & Action Week, June 14-18. From the perspective of Latin America, we look forward to the presentation of Sibelle de Andrade Silva, Innovation Director of the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply. On Tuesday, June 15, She will give a presentation on digital agriculture trends in Brazil. You can find the full schedule of events and links to calendar invitations here.

We’re pleased to announce that we have engaged the services of a communications professional in Brazil, Alejandro Dicovsky, who will help us promote the benefits of being part of AgGateway to Latin American audiences. Dicovsky will work closely with our Communications Committee and director, using social networks and other tools to help transmit our messaging in Portuguese and Spanish regarding the activities focused in the Latin America region.

Does your company have operations or interest in Latin America? Let me know if you would like more information or want to be involved, by contacting me through Member Services at