AgGateway Staff Opening

AgGateway EVP/COO & North America Regional Director

Position Title: Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer & North America Regional Director

To Apply: Send resume and cover letter to AgGateway at

Job Summary:

The Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer (EVP/COO) serves as an officer of AgGateway as defined in the organization bylaws.

The EVP/COO is responsible for the daily operation of AgGateway. This includes:

  • Coordination of communication and work among AgGateway staff;
  • Coordination of communication between Regional Directors and Regional Steering Committees. As such, the EVP/COO may act in the role of a Regional Director. The EVP/COO shall in no case act in this role for multiple regions simultaneously.
  • Development of and support for volunteer leaders in regional and global capacities;
  • Stewardship of AgGateway assets;
  • Participation as leader or facilitator in organizational business as applicable.


The EVP/COO position reports to the President and CEO. Specific areas of primary responsibility will be agreed to between the EVP/COO and the President and CEO. Such areas may include, but are not limited to:

  • Member recruitment and retention;
  • Volunteer development;
  • Representation of AgGateway at meetings of value to the organization;
  • Developing and socializing organizational goals, objectives, KPI’s, etc.;
  • Management of organizational and/or regional budget and processes supporting the annual spending plan;
  • Assisting in the creation and execution of multi-year strategic and annual plans;
  • Support for the AgGateway Board of Directors and the Executive Committee.

When acting in the EVP/COO role, the position works closely with other staff members, such as the Director of Member Relations, Marketing and Communications Director, and Chief Technical Officer, to ensure efficient execution of activities in the organization.

The EVP/COO, when acting as a Regional Director, shall have all the authority and responsibility of that role as defined in the applicable Policies and Procedures. At a minimum, the Regional Director is responsible for:

  • Convening the regional steering committee for regular meetings;
  • Assisting volunteer leaders in setting and executing meeting agendas: developing and executing regional activities and priorities, and identifying and mentoring the next generation of volunteer leaders;
  • Developing and managing regional components of revenue and spending plans;
  • Acting as primary communication conduit between the AgGateway Board of Directors and the steering committee.


  • The EVP/COO should be able to operate at both execution and strategic levels; possess a strong knowledge of the organization’s mission, vision and goals; communicate clearly and effectively through verbal and written channels; develop and foster a sense of teamwork and community among staff and volunteers; and develop and maintain trust with the President and CEO, other staff, the Board of Directors, and other volunteer leaders.
  • A combination of at least 10 years industry and volunteer management experience is desired.
  • Experience managing to a budget is desired.

The above information is intended to describe the most important aspects of the job. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties and skills required to perform the work. Other duties/responsibilities may be added to the job as business needs dictate.