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Welcome Canadian Association of Agri-Retailers (CAAR)

By Evin Ellis, AGDATA

The Canadian Association of Agri-Retailers supports the work of Canadian agri-retailers as they work with growers in pursuit of producing the highest quality food possible. This includes goals of protecting food quality, productivity, and long-term sustainability of the industry. The collective values of CAAR members can be encompassed in three words: produce, protect, proud.

CAAR joined AgGateway to ensure that Canadian agri-retailers have first-hand knowledge of the eConnectivity standards and solutions that currently exist, as well as those under development, in North America and globally.

One area of keen interest to CAAR members is the topic of collection, aggregation and insight development of farm data within the precision ag environment. Many farm data collection systems have not been compatible with each other as multiple start-up systems have been introduced, and farmers and retailers have had to choose one system to ensure compatibility. This has resulted in limited opportunities to move collected data from one platform/service provider to another. In reality the agriculture world does not operate within one exclusive system; rather, multiple compatible data collection systems drive innovation.

The ag industry has recognized the disconnect, and the need to create standards and expand the number of solution providers to provide choice to all stakeholders of the agriculture supply chain. CAAR reached out directly to AgGateway to ensure that Canadian agri-retailers are connected to these important developments.

CAAR looks forward to participating with AgGateway groups focusing on issues of importance to ag retailers and precision ag, as well as other areas, to share those insights with its Canadian members. CAAR will also provide AgGateway teams with insights from the Canadian perspective on specific Canadian issues and requirements.

Welcome CAAR!