AgGateway’s AGIIS Modernization Enhancements Update

By Chris Crutchfield, AgGateway Member Services

In the May 2019 issue of this newsletter, Josh Wall, the product manager for AgGateway’s Ag Industry Identification System (AGIIS), provided an enhancement update in his article, “AGIIS Phase II Modernization – Great Ideas Becoming a Reality”. Since that time, more work has been completed or is well under way, so I want to provide a further update on this work.

On June 29, several web interface enhancements suggested by the AGIIS community were made to the AGIIS search page. Although these were not major changes, each concept was presented by a user that believed the enhancement would both improve AGIIS and make their job a little bit easier. These changes included:

  • Moving the identifier search from the bottom of the Search page to the top
  • Removing the identifier type drop-down
  • Providing address search assistance using Google
  • Adding functionality to Search using multiple identifiers and functionality to perform a proprietary codes search using a wild card.

In addition, we have almost completed work surrounding REST API web services. A task force is currently finalizing requirements for an Entity Search and Entity Update RESTful API. Once completed, the group will look to gather requirements for Product Search and Product Update APIs.

A great deal of work has been completed since last year’s AGIIS modernization. Many great ideas have been brought forth by the AGIIS user community and are now a reality. If you have an idea to help improve AGIIS, please make a recommendation! The process is simple: Just fill out a brief enhancement request form and email it to Member Services. This form can be found on the AgGateway website, on the AGIIS Enhancements page. This page also provides a complete set of release notes for each AGIIS enhancement over the years.

If you have suggestions to improve AGIIS, or if you have any questions about the enhancement process, contact Member Services at or at (866) 251-8618.