AgGateway 2020

Plans for Driving Digital Solutions

By Susan Ruland, AgGateway Marketing Communications Director

AgGateway enters 2020 energized by a number of exciting enhancements, including:

  • New staff: a Portfolio Manager, Content Manager, Administrative Assistant, and Member Relations Director (to be announced later this month), which have been added to accelerate and enhance AgGateway activities in promoting the industry’s transition to digital ag.
  • A refreshed website, that reflects our global scope, cross-sector activities and new organizational structure.
  • Global reach that now includes the European and Latin American regional groups, with interest in other geographic regions, as well.

AgGateway leadership is now focused on the 2020 plan. Among the objectives of that plan are to:

  • Continue to implement the AgGateway 2020 improvements, including the integration of AgGateway with the former AgGateway Global Network (integrating work of AgGateway’s European and Latin American regional groups with North America).
  • Develop plans for increasing use of AgGateway’s digital resources, including implementing new Working Groups, getting the new Portfolio Management Center and Digital Resource Center into full swing, and promoting work success stories.
  • Develop and implement a new member acquisition plan in which current members provide targets and introductions, and participate; as well as other engagement efforts.
  • Execute the annual marketing and communications plan focused on communicating AgGateway successes and the value of membership, including executing a speaker/presentation strategy for 2020, and establishing global communication processes and protocols.

Is there an AgGateway activity you’d like to be a part of in 2020? Don’t hesitate to contact Member Services at or call +1 (866) 251-8618 to find out how!