Welcome Eric Hinsdale and Kimberly Chauche

By Brent Kemp, AgGateway COO and Executive VP

AgGateway is excited to welcome two new staff members: Eric Hinsdale as Content Manager; and Kimberly Chauche as Administrative Assistant.

Eric will be managing the discoverability and availability of AgGateway's digital resources. As the industry transitions to digital agriculture, it is imperative that companies and their developers know what standards and other digital resources are available and how to immediately access them. Eric will work closely with Jim Wilson, AgGateway’s Chief Technology Officer, and with Susan Ruland, AgGateway Marketing Communications Director, to ensure that AgGateway’s many digital resources are visible and easy to access.

Eric has a wide range of library and knowledge management experience. He has been working in libraries for over 20 years, primarily in organizational management and library information technology, and including overseeing the deployment of many technology-based library services. Eric also has a background in knowledge management, including an understanding of taxonomy, metadata and copyright issues. He has spent a good deal of time working with clients who are implementing content management systems.

Eric lives in Poughkeepsie, New York, with his wife and two daughters. He is an avid runner and mushroom hunter, and enjoys coaching his daughter’s high school track team.

It is also my pleasure to introduce Kimberly Chauche as AgGateway’s new Administrative Assistant and Corporate Secretary. Kimberly will be working closely with Member Services and the staff in a number of key areas, including helping members schedule, launch and follow-up on various types of conference calls (see Member Services article in this issue).

Kimberly lives in Lincoln, Nebraska, with her husband Paul and their 8-year old son Matt. She has over 12 years’ experience providing executive and project support, with a heavy emphasis on technology. When she isn't working or running her son to sports activities, she spends her time on crafty activities focusing on fiber arts like quilting, sewing, knitting and spinning.

Please join me in welcoming Eric and Kimberly to the AgGateway team!