AgGateway Honors Exemplary Member Volunteers

By the AgGateway Communications Committee

At the Annual Conference last month, AgGateway took time to honor outstanding volunteers. The most prestigious recognition, the 2021 Ron Storms Leadership Award, was presented to Scott Nieman, Expert Enterprise Architect for Land O’Lakes. In presenting the award, AgGateway President and CEO Wendy Smith pointed to Nieman’s activity in working groups that delivered messages, APIs, and implementation guidelines linking manufacturers, distributors, retailers and field equipment as “truly proving the promise of AgGateway resources to enable data to flow like water.

“He is a consistent voice championing interoperability tools for developers, challenging us to continue providing value to member companies,” she continued, adding that Nieman serves as an effective ambassador in the industry, “promoting AgGateway as a place where good work is being done.”

The President’s Award recognizes individuals that have gone above and beyond in the support of AgGateway and its mission to develop the resources and relationships that drive digital connectivity. The 2021 recipient is the ADAPT Leadership Team of Dan Danford, CNH Industrial; Kelly Nelson, Farmbelt North; and Stuart Rhea, Syngenta Digital.

In calling ADAPT “One of AgGateway’s most important resources and biggest success stories,” Smith noted that ADAPT’s success “has been enabled by dedicated volunteers across the world and guided by steady leadership.”

Danford from CHN Industrial leads the ADAPT Business Team, which focuses its activities around effectively communicating the value of ADAPT to the industry. “Dan has been relentless in identifying and addressing misunderstandings and seeking out opportunities across myriad industry events to tell the ADAPT story,” said Smith.

Nelson and Rhea lead the ADAPT Technical Team. “Their technical expertise is matched only by their unbiased and patient management of ADAPT’s highly complex code base,” said Smith. The three main ADAPT packages have accumulated more than 150,000 downloads, a testament to ADAPT’s value and utility. “We never cease to be amazed by the collaborative spirit among the army of developers and system architects that build and maintain ADAPT,” Smith said.

Finally, the 2021 AgGateway in Action award winners were acknowledged at the conference. One individual volunteer is selected from each of the organization’s three regions who has demonstrated commitment to moving AgGateway’s mission forward in the past year. Recipients are selected by the regional steering committees from member-contributed nominations. The 2021 recipients are:

  • North America: Mike Altman, Syngenta
  • Latin America: Ronaldo Pereira de Oliveira, EMBRAPA SOLOS
  • Europe: Joachim Crombez, Proagrica

Congratulations and our thanks to this year’s honorees!