AGIIS Insider

AGIIS Enhancements and Updates

By Chris Crutchfield, Member Services Program Manager

A lot of progress has been made on the AGIIS front so far this year, so this month’s report will focus on initiatives that have been recently completed, currently underway, and planned for completion in 2022.

AGIIS Enhancements

  • On July 5, the Member Services Request Review Enhancement was deployed to production. This enhancement provides subscribers with additional insight into an entity record, providing a date at which the entity was last reviewed by the Member Services team.
  • Approval to begin development for the GLN Non-Reuse Rule Enhancement was approved by the AGIIS Directory Oversight Committee on June 22. This enhancement will support the GS1 rule that GLN’s can no longer be re-used, or in other words, reassigned to a new entity. This enhancement is tentatively scheduled for release early in August.
  • The AGIIS team is also in the initial phase of requirements gathering for a future enhancement to strengthen user access by requiring two-factor authentication. This enhancement, along with the April 2022 password management enhancement requiring stronger user passwords, are designed to strengthen security around access to the Ag Industry Identification System.

A comprehensive list of AGIIS enhancements is published on the AgGateway website on the AGIIS Enhancements Page. I encourage all AGIIS subscribers to review this page, and if you have an idea for a future enhancement, please complete the AGIIS Enhancement Request Form and send to

General Updates

I would like to also point out a change that was recently implemented on Monday, July 18, regarding the two mailboxes, and Both mailboxes were being used to service AGIIS subscribers. To improve efficiency, we have moved to one mailbox, Now, all communications from AGIIS will be sent from this mailbox.

This includes directory request updates, product export notifications, GLN and EBID Update notifications, and bulk file status notifications. Subscribers should ensure that their internal systems do not block emails from All AGIIS related inquiries should now be directed to Member Services.

Upcoming Maintenance Activity

AGIIS Data Center Hardware Maintenance is scheduled for August 13 and 20, Saturday into Sunday on each date. Subscribers may see a few hours delay in the delivery of Product Import notifications and EBID and GLN updates on Sunday, August 14 and Sunday, August 21. Communications explaining this activity and subscriber impact will be sent to subscribers on August 8 (Pre-Communication), August 15 (Pre- and Post-Communication) and on August 22 (Post-Communication).

Disaster Recovery Exercise

The AGIIS Disaster Recovery Exercise is scheduled between August 29 and September 1. This is an annual exercise to test the readiness and accessibility of the AGIIS Directory in the event of an actual emergency. This test will be transparent to AGIIS subscribers.

Thank you for taking a moment to catch up on the latest AGIIS news! If you have questions or comments relating to these or other AGIIS initiatives, please contact Member Services at, or at +1 (866) 251-8618.